Automate your day with Workflows

Save hours by automating repetitive data entry and communications tasks.

Workflows are automated sequences of actions that replace manual tasks, data entry, or constituent emails. 

Our team has taken the if/then logic and automation functionality common in for-profit sales and marketing software, but made it more affordable and tailored to nonprofits like yours.

Get more done in way less time

Leverage automation to get more done and save time for what matters most.

Workflows replace the manual work of data entry and communications with nonprofit automation tools.
 Turn tasks into one click
Build a workflow to automate data entry and manual tasks that used to take hours.

  Make your data actionable
Put your CRM’s data to work to create targeted messaging and personalization.

Add if/then logic for deep engagement
Create if/then branching logic with up to 15 steps or actions for in-depth engagement.

The best tools at the best price
Automation should be affordable for nonprofits — not just a tool for sales and marketing software.

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Pledge maintenance

Volunteer management

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