Women in Toys - Neon Nonprofit Website Studio

Women in Toys needed a new site to showcase their growing membership and automatically sync with their Neon CRM database. We worked with them to create a website that engages their members, saves time through automation, and communicates their mission.


  • Important content was getting buried deep within the site so it was hard for visitors to find what they were looking for
  • Every transaction like a membership sign up or an event registration had to be handled manually upon completion and the thank you/confirmation process was not automated
  • The website did not capture the spirit of the organization


  • We shifted away from the shopping cart/store model for membership and events to give each section their own space
  • Created a cleaner information architecture to help people navigate to the information they need
  • Completely revamped the style guide with new graphics and formatting


  • We integrated Neon CRM forms for everything from membership and event registrations to custom forms, like a job submission board
  • Improved navigation on the page to help people find what they are looking for quickly
  • Conditional ticketing for members to reduce duplicate accounts and increase incentives for members to join
  • The member directory updates automatically, thanks to a direct sync with Neon CRM




Portfolio: Women in Toys

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