Neon Web Studio Portfolio: As One Project

The As One Project provides resources and a supportive community to secondary survivors of sexual violence — but their website was unwelcoming and confusing for users to navigate. We helped them create a comforting atmosphere on their site, reorganized so users could find the information they needed as quickly as possible.


  • As One Project’s biggest goal has always been to serve as a place of comfort and information for secondary survivors of sexual violence. Offline, they are making huge strides in building a warm and welcoming community but online – with a muted color palette and confusing information architecture – the original website felt cold and disorienting.
  • The website lacked a community aspect where visitors could share and engage with each other for support.
  • Many of the links were broken and the donate button linked to a PayPal page that was unable to accept payments.
  • Their logo – while informative – was illegible with too many cramped words.
  • The front page lacked a mission or a major call-to-action, telling the visitor where to get started.
  • Their front page had many redundancies with the blog in multiple places above the fold and social media overload.
  • Many pages were unfinished or in major need of a rewrite.
  • Here’s our analysis of their old homepage and what we needed to fix.


  • When redesigning their website, our main mission was to create a comforting aesthetic and to reorganize the entire site so that those who need information can get to it as quickly as possible.
  • We added a “share your story” section to the site, which allows users to share their experiences being a secondary survivor.
  • Made the site more uplifting through a fresh color palette and logo redesign – mirroring the ribbon used for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.
  • With pictures reflecting the diverse community they serve, we reinforced the fact that sexual violence affects everyone.
  • We simplified the main navigation in the header, but added a mega menu that allows As One to present their catalog of resources in an organized manner as a dropdown.
  • We redesigned the front page to put a major emphasis on the mission of the project and their impact.
  • Rewrote and formatted articles in a way that made them more digestible.
  • Fully integrated Neon CRM which allowed us to fix their donation issues.
  • We added an “emergency escape” button for users to protect their privacy in an instant.


  • The overall site is considerably more uplifting.
  • The new functionality of the site allows users to quickly navigate information to help support their situation, as well as a place to share their own experiences.
  • By moving the website to WordPress, As One Project can quickly and easily update their resources and facilitate the community forum of stories.
  • By integrating Neon CRM with their site, As One has saved time through automation and can focus more on the important work they do!


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