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Lakewood Service League is an energetic, women-led group that, years ago, took it upon themselves to completely renovate their neglected neighborhood park. But after years of hard work to better their community, their website was in need of a renovation, too.


  • The website was very outdated and formatted in a way that made all of the information very small and illegible — as if it were always in mobile view.
  • The front page lacked a compelling mission statement that clearly identified LSL’s work and there wasn’t a strong indicator of where to join or donate to the group. These were the two calls-to-action the organization wanted to add.
  • The website as a whole was lacking visuals of their work and achievements.
  • The logo was hard to read when reduced to smaller sizes.
  • They needed an easier way to display and update their upcoming events.
  • The website and branding of the group needed a complete overhaul to better reflect the mission and personality of the group.


  • We summed up the mission of LSL into three words (“Community” “Service” and “Friendship”) and prominently displayed them over a lush green hero image of the park. This, along with immediate example of how the group does this, drives home the mission, impact, and why supporters should donate.
  • The new logo moves away from the overly-decorative aesthetic and towards a more minimal, retro-inspired design – a new take on an old camp logo. We brought a fresh outside green color to the redesign of the logo and the website as a whole.
  • We integrated Neon forms and event plugins so that LSL can update an event in Neon and have that event automatically display on the front page of their site immediately.
  • Overall, we added lots of landscape/community images to drive home the point that revitalizing the park revitalizes the community.
  • We also added imagery of events to encourage users to join and cultivate friendships – the third part of LSL’s mission statement.
  • We added a lot of testimony from members of the group about how helping the community has enriched their own lives.


  • The new branding is fresh and impact-oriented. The images, colors, and copy all reinforce their mission: revitalizing community spaces and building relationships.
  • The navigation of the site makes it simple to get information users need and each page features calls-to-action that encourage visitors to get involved through volunteering or donating.


The Lakewood Service League has included a navigation bar at the top of their page. The bar is featured in a contrasting color so that it’s easily distinguishable from the rest of the website.
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