6 Charity Website Designs (from Nonprofits Like Yours)

Andrew Dain

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The most engaging websites are attractive, intuitive, and easy to navigate.

Even more importantly, they reflect the nonprofit’s unique brand and mission. Donors should know the minute they land on the website that it belongs to a nonprofit and what that nonprofit is all about!

To help your organization design a compelling website, we’ve laid out 6 amazing charity website examples from nonprofits just like yours! Here are the organizations we’ll look into:

  1. The Arc of Texas
  2. As One Project
  3. Lakewood Service League
  4. McLean Project for the Arts
  5. Our House
  6. Women In Toys

We’ll walk you through each organization’s mission and why their website is such a success.

1. The Arc of Texas

Who They Are:

The Arc of Texas is an organization that supports Texans with mental and developmental disabilities. They have had a hand in enacting nearly every program, service, right, and benefit that has positively influenced the lives of disabled Texans.

What Makes Their Website Awesome:

  • Their mission is at the top. 

The Arc of Texas has featured their mission at the top of the page, in a standout box that’s right at eye level. Anyone who lands on this website will immediately know what The Arc is all about!

  • They provide multiple ways to get to the most important pages. 

The website features a top navigation bar with clear language and multiple buttons on the homepage that link out to key pages on the site. Users should have no problem finding the information they came for.

  • They make it clear how to donate. 

The top navigation includes a “Donate” button that’s designed in a standout color and can be accessed from any page.There’s even another “Donate” button above the fold on the actual page! Because it’s so clear where donors can go to make a gift, chances are that The Arc of Texas receives a high volume of donations from their website.

2. As One Project

Who They Are:

As One Project is committed to supporting the friends and family members of those who have been effected by sexual violence. Their mission is to create a comfortable and accepting space where people can speak more openly about these issues.

What Makes Their Website Awesome:

  • They use a compelling hero image. 

The image at the top of the page is emotionally-charged and reflects As One Project’s community-based mission. Not to mention, it makes their homepage more attractive and visually appealing.

  • They make the cause clear. 

As with The Arc of Texas’ homepage, donors who land on As One’s site will immediately know what this nonprofit does. They include a large box on the hero image with a brief blurb about their mission that ends with the organization’s name.

  • They provide plenty of engagement opportunities. 

As One doesn’t just include a “Donate” button on their page; they also encourage users to interact with them in other ways! Aside from donating, they prompt donors to contact them by email, learn more about the cause, and even leave the page if they’re not ready to engage (the “Quick Escape” button leads to Google!).

3. Lakewood Service League

Who They Are:

The Lakewood Service League is dedicated to improving many different facets of the Lakewood/East Dallas community, from the economy to education to cultural and civic conditions. They do so by mobilizing their members to complete projects around the community, as well as by donating to other charitable organizations in the area.

What Makes Their Website Awesome:

  • Their branding is personal. 

The main image on The Lakewood Service League’s homepage is an actual photo of the neighborhood park that they renovated for their first project. Using a custom image both adds a personal touch and illustrates their mission in a very real way.

  • They include social sharing buttons. 

The Lakewood Service League features icons at the top of their homepage that their supporters can use to share information with their networks at just the click of a button! Because of this feature, the organization probably receives more new donors and members from social media.

  • It’s designed with simplicity. 

This website doesn’t need a bunch of bells and whistles to look attractive! Instead, Lakewood Service League has simply included a navigation bar, their logo, their mission, and their most important calls-to-action. This simplicity highlights their key content and makes their website easier for users to navigate.

4. McLean Project for the Arts

Who They Are:

McLean Project for the Arts is on a mission to introduce people to contemporary visual art and make it a more prevalent part of their lives. They host 15 contemporary art exhibitions from new and emerging artists each year, offer a wide variety of classes, and strive to raise awareness about the visual arts’ importance to society.

What Makes Their Website Awesome:

  • It’s visual. 

It’s no surprise that an organization dedicated to the visual arts would have a highly visual website! McLean Project for the Arts includes plenty of images on their homepage that highlight their exhibitions, community, and overall mission.

  • There’s plenty of white space. 

McLean Project for the Arts is another nonprofit that has designed with simplicity in mind. Leaving plenty of white space around their content and images helps them pop, which is important since the art is so central to their mission and should be the star of the show!

  • Their navigation is intuitive. 

There’s a navigation bar at the top of the site that can be accessed from every page. It includes short, clear titles so that users will never have any doubt about how to find the pages they’re looking for.

5. Our House

Who They Are:

Our House helps at-risk young men develop the career and personal skills that they need realize their full potential. Their program takes a tailor-made approach to each of the men they serve by providing him with personalized counseling, mentorship, and education.

What Makes Their Website Awesome:

  • It’s visually striking. 

Our House has taken the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” to heart. By designing around a large image and keeping the rest of their page minimal (the only other elements are the navigation bar and CTA buttons!), they’ve created a visually striking and intuitive homepage.

  • It brings the mission to the forefront. 

Our House’s mission is front and center! The transparent white box with their name and a brief mission statement lets visitors know what the organization is passionate about from the minute they land on the page.

  • Their logo is in the top left corner. 

It’s a standard web design practice to include your logo in the top left corner of the site and to have it link back to the homepage. Our House has not only done this, but has also taken it a step further by including a short sentence in their logo that sums up their mission (“We build young men”).

6. Women in Toys

Who They Are:

Women in Toys brings together professional women in the play industry (toys, licensing, and entertainment) from all around the world with networking and career opportunities, seminars, and forums. Their mission is to empower, inspire, and promote women in these careers to help them advance in the industry and achieve professional and personal success.

What Makes Their Website Awesome:

  • They added a subscription box. 

The Women In Toys website includes an ever-present email subscription box in the bottom right hand corner. That way, visitors will be aware of their email newsletter and can easily subscribe if they’re interested in receiving more information from the organization. We’re willing to bet that they have a longer email list because of it!

  • The branding is strong. 

The Women in Toys brand is prevalent and recognizable throughout this page. Their logo is in the top left corner, their name is featured front and center, and the colors throughout the page coordinate with their green and pink color scheme (even the chairs in the hero image match!). There’s no doubt about it: this is WIT‘s page!

  • It includes social sharing buttons. 

The social sharing buttons in the top left corner allow members and other visitors to quickly share Women in Toy’s content with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Including social sharing buttons is a surefire way to expand the organization’s social media presence.

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