Security & Privacy

Thousands of nonprofit organizations trust their data with NeonCRM.

Best-of-class security protocols

All data is encrypted during transmission using SSL (HTTPS), using some of the strongest encryption available. We encrypt sensitive data at rest following industry best practices, using either one-way or two-way hashing. We constantly review our infrastructure, both hardware and software, to ensure we are protected against vulnerabilities. Our development-centered approach allows us to protect our customers against the ever-changing landscape of threats.

Strong internal processes

Our company’s policies and procedures ensure that only the right people are able to access your organization’s data. We perform thorough background checks for all new employees and exercise the principle of “least privilege” when it comes to staff access to customer data.

Never worry about losing data

We partner with Amazon Web Services, the industry leader in managed hosting, to manage our server environment. Our server infrastructure is fully redundant and backed up daily to multiple secure locations. If you need some extra peace of mind, we allow customers to easily back up their entire database locally.


All payment information is transmitted and stored in a fully PCI-compliant environment. NeonCRM maintains our PCI compliancy through ControlScan, a third-party auditor, through which we submit to security audits on a quarterly basis. Our current PCI Certification certificate is available upon request.


NeonCRM has enjoyed 99.9% uptime since 2004. NeonCRM is the fastest, most reliable platform available for nonprofit organizations.