How to Rock #GivingTuesday With Your CRM

Ronnie Gomez

Over the past seven years, #GivingTuesday has rapidly evolved from a small social media holiday into a full-blown movement. Industry experts predict that #GivingTuesday growth will continue in 2018, estimating a possible $331 million in funds raised. It’s pretty safe to say it’s now a definite point of opportunity for your organization, regardless of your mission.

This year, #GivingTuesday falls on November 27th, making it a little over three weeks from now. Three weeks may not seem like enough time to develop an entire #GivingTuesday campaign, but with the right tools, you can nail it in virtually no time at all. A robust CRM solution can turn days of work into hours, allowing you to focus more on the important things, like your mission and campaign ask.

Interested in boosting your year-end campaign with some #GivingTuesday innovations? Keep reading to learn all about how you can do that with your CRM.

Create A Donation Form New Donors Can Trust

#GivingTuesday was developed on social media, for social media. Your constituents will be sharing your appeal to hundreds of people in their online network who may have never heard of your organization before. That means your online donation form has the power to make or break your campaign success.

It’s important that potential donors feel safe sharing their personal and financial information with your organization online. An unattractive donation form might make them think twice about giving, losing you valuable dollars toward your cause.

How to do this with your CRM

Branded donation forms raise seven times more than generic forms. They give potential donors added reassurance that their donation will be processed securely. A good CRM will make creating branded donation forms a quick and easy experience. Neon does this by allowing our users to make templates they can then apply to newly created forms.

To really make your #GivingTuesday campaign stand-out, create a separate form unique to that campaign, and customize it. Include a bit about your #GivingTuesday appeal, create tiered donation levels and add in any custom fields needed. A beautiful form will let your mission shine above all else, making donors feel confident in their decision to give.

Get Your Constituents Involved

People are more likely to respond to a call-to-action from somebody within their social network. That’s why peer-to-peer fundraising is one of the most powerful ways you can leverage your community and raise money for your cause. This #GivingTuesday, consider asking your most dedicated constituents to hold their own fundraisers on your behalf. That could mean your monthly donors, established volunteers or people who have benefitted from your services in the past.

Ask them to share a bit about what your cause means to them, and explain how easy it is to build a fundraising page. Soon, you’ll have expanded your network, opening the door to brand new donors.

How to do this with your CRM

There are tools built specifically for crowdsourcing, but hosting your peer-to-peer fundraiser through your CRM is more than likely your best choice. Keeping your fundraising process as streamlined as possible is crucial to attracting people willing to raise money on your behalf.

Using a peer-to-peer fundraising tool that is built into your CRM makes creating fundraising pages and communicating with your fundraisers much easier. It also allows you to track your #GivingTuesday campaign and retain information from your new donors in real time. Once your campaign comes to a close, you’ll have detailed reports on your success and a newly expanded contact list.

Follow-Up With a Thank You

Aim to go above the standard donation receipt. Really ‘wow’ your new #GivingTuesday donors by sending them personalized “thank you” emails. It’s important to acknowledge each new constituent by name and to thank them for their exact donation amount. The goal is to be personal and warm, while also reinforcing the impact of their donation and the purpose of your organization.

How to do this with your CRM

Personally thanking everyone who donates to a large campaign can seem pretty time-consuming – but it doesn’t have to be. With a robust CRM by your side, you can send out automated emails, personalized to include all your relevant donor information. This ‘set it and forget it’ solution saves you time and resources that you can pour back into your organization’s mission.


Now you’re all set for #GivingTuesday Success

With the proper tools and strategy in place, you can make a huge impact this #GivingTuesday. Still looking for the nonprofit solution that’s right for you? Schedule a personal demo today and we’ll set you up with a member of the NeonCRM team. NeonCRM is built to help you increase your impact with a database focused on people, not transactions.

Schedule Your Free Demo Today and Learn How You Can Rock #GivingTuesday With Your CRM

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