Phone Support Doesn’t Work — Here’s How We Fixed It

Jeff Gordy

Over the past two years, as NeonCRM has added numerous new advanced features such as custom objects, dashboards and automated workflows, we’ve continued to see that training is still best addressed through our “On-Demand” video offering and this continues to be our best form of teaching NeonCRM skills.

For the technical support-related needs of our customers, these nonprofits continue to have great success via Live Chat. For some nonprofits, however, chat is still not a preferable support experience. Thus, we’ve added paid phone support to our Live Chat support offering since the publishing of the post.

Anyone who’s ever called into the phone support line at a software company knows just how frustrating that process can be. You spend most of your time on the phone trying to explain what you’re seeing on your screen.

It’s difficult to explain a problem and provide a solution when you’re not able to see exactly what the other person is talking about. Ultimately, you walk away even more frustrated — and usually without an answer to your problem.

That’s why we don’t offer phone support. It’s not effective. 

After years of providing phone support to nonprofits, we did away with it. We realized that clients were wasting their monthly phone support time trying to explain what they saw on their screen. The goal of phone support was to get help quickly, and it wasn’t working for our clients.

Instead, we introduced On-Demand Training with built-in screen sharing — so you can get better support and faster answers.

Here’s how it works:

  • You reach out to us to request a 30-minute On-Demand Training session
  • We get you scheduled and on the phone, usually within a few hours — but guaranteed within 24 hours
  • You meet one-on-one with a support and training expert, and you’ll screen share to walk through your problem
  • We work together to solve your problem, and you walk away happy!

You’ll receive two personalized 30-minute sessions per month, scheduled within 24 hours of request — all for just $50/month. (On-Demand Training and Live Chat support are both included with all Empower packages.)

Reminder: As always, you’ll still be able to get an immediate response from our team during business hours by submitting a support ticket or contacting our account management team.

On-Demand Training is perfect for you if:

  • Your organization needs a little extra hand-holding
  • You’re using advanced and complex areas of the system
  • You would like priority access to our support and training team

Think of it as phone support for the 21st century. We’re excited to be the first nonprofit tech company to offer this type of advanced support service.

With a 92% overall support satisfaction rating, we don’t settle for “average” support — and you shouldn’t have to either. 

Current Neon clients: If you would like to sign up for On-Demand Training, click here.

Prospective Neon clients: Ask your nonprofit sales consultant for more information about On-Demand Training.

  • Deanna Clark

    Must we sign up for monthly sessions or can we request a session as needed?

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