Open API Official Release

Jeff Gordy

We are very happy to announce that the NeonCRM Open Application Programming Interface (Open API) is out of Beta and ready for use by all of our customers. With the correct programming knowledge, this enables all of our customers (and their contractors) to build custom software applications and more customized online forms beyond what NeonCRM offers “out-of-the-box”.

We open our doors to developers that would like to help nonprofits and build applications that work with our system. Here are a few ideas to get your mind headed down the right path:

  • Build a more deeply customized donation or membership page
  • Connect NeonCRM to another software platform that has an API
  • Push or pull account data automatically from NeonCRM

We already work with a variety of partners and many of them have used our API to build into the NeonCRM platform. Here are a few of the software providers that we work with:

  • QuickBooks – Accounting
  • MailChimp – Email Services
  • One Click Politics – Advocacy
  • DonorPath – Fundraising Consulting
  • Eventbrite – Mobile Ticketing & Custom Seating
  • Double the Donation – Matching Gifts
  • DonorSearch – Wealth Screening
  • WealthEngine – Wealth Screening
  • Click here for a full list

NeonCRM also supports OAuth 2.0 enabling developers to create applications that can share the same login as NeonCRM and authenticate them. At this point the API has been tested thoroughly by our customers and partners for over a year, and has proven to be stable, secure, and easy to implement.

There are not any fees for using or accessing the NeonCRM API. The full documentation and forum can be accessed online at: http://help.neoncrm.com.

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