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Create countless customizable forms to enhance involvement and commitment.

Create the centerpiece of your fundraising campaign, the foundations of continued engagement …and more.

You can create an unlimited amount of forms with Neon. Each form’s branding, fields, and content can be customized to fit your needs such as for donations and constituent registration. All of the information you collect flows automatically into your NeonCRM database, readily available to you to deeply engage with your donors, members, and volunteers.

“I have used several other donor products. NeonCRM is the best by far. It is easy to use. The people that work for NeonCRM are so easy to work with. I have used several other donor products and will never leave NeonCRM.”

Youth Emergency Services

Four form page integration options.

Logo Forms


Our default form features your organization’s logo and can be set up in minutes.

Free With NeonCRM

Hero Forms


This customizable form and hero image are designed to make your mission shine.

Free With NeonCRM

Inspire Website & Forms


Get a website designed just for nonprofits, with a form that matches your website.


Navigation Forms


Your forms will look like an exact copy of your website — including site navigation.

$300 One-Time Fee

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