Attendee Tracking

Store data from event attendees

Collect data from all registrants

All information collected on your registration form is automatically synced with your Neon database, so you keep data from all event attendees.

Registrations added to user’s account

Each event registration is added to that user’s account page, so you can keep track of which supporters have gone to each event.

Membership data flows into NeonCRM for annual giving
Mark attendance for your nonprofit's events

Mark attendance for events

Track who registered for your event and who actually attended, so you can customize your event followup.

Build a relationship after event

Attending your nonprofit’s event is just the start — with all data stored in Neon, you can follow up with attendees to turn them into supporters.

Nonprofit email marketing campaigns for annual giving

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Case Study:

How Neon helped one org grow memberships by 25%

A 2-year case study on data, implementation, adoption and performance.