Sneak Peek: Nonprofit Automation through Workflows

Jeff Gordy

Our development team is hard at work on our biggest NeonCRM feature release yet: workflows!

Designed to help your nonprofit save time with automation, workflows will change the way you work in NeonCRM. And it should make your life a whole lot easier, too!

Although workflows won’t be released for a little bit longer, we wanted to give you a special sneak peek of the exciting technology coming soon!

Workflows replace the manual work of data entry and communications with nonprofit automation tools.

What are workflows?

Workflows are automated sequences of actions that replace manual work, data entry, or communications.

With workflows, you’ll be able to:

  • Automate tasks & communications
  • Save staff time
  • Make your data more actionable
  • Add if/then logic to create a series of steps

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Select a Trigger

Choose from an extensive list of triggers to start your workflow.

Every workflow has a “trigger” (an action, date, or specific set of criteria) to set the process in motion. A trigger could be a donation above $1,000, an event registration by a major donor, a specific date or amount of time elapsed, or something else!

Step 2: Select Your Targets

Narrow down your target audience by filtering with criteria related to your workflow's trigger.

From there, the workflow will only target the constituent records that you specify. You’ll be given some filtering criteria based on the initial trigger that starts your workflow. This added targeting ensures that your workflow is only engaging the audience you intended.

Step 3: Add Automated Actions

Your workflow will execute actions automatically, saving you valuable staff time.

And finally, the workflow automates an action. You’ll be able to automatically update data, create activities or notes, send communications, or manage constituents — all based on the actions and logic that you create.

Why do nonprofits need automation?

Automation tools have existed in traditional for-profit sales and marketing software for years. We know first-hand that nonprofits are strapped for time — and that they can benefit from this technology the most.

There are a few standalone automation platforms, mostly focused on marketing and communications. None of these systems are designed specifically for nonprofits, and they can cost thousands per month, even for smaller orgs.

We wanted to bring the time-saving benefits of automation to nonprofits, but in a more affordable way that allows everyone to use it. By having that functionality directly in NeonCRM, you’ll be able to make use of all of your data — saving more time for you, and making sure your most critical information stays accurate.

Examples of workflows

The best thing about workflows is their flexibility. Because you’re creating the workflow, you can customize the actions and logic in a way that makes the most sense for your nonprofit. It’s highly adaptable, and you might use workflows differently than other organizations.

That being said, there are a few simple solutions that we think any nonprofit could get excited about. Here are some examples:

Update Custom Fields on Accounts
Need to update an account field after a specific action? You can create a workflow to update, remove, or add data and custom fields after things like a donation, and more!

Send Drip Email Campaigns Based on Custom Triggers
You can send an email or series of emails through a workflow using triggers like custom dates, elapsed time, or a specific action (like a membership registration).

Automatically Assign Prospects & Activities for Staff
No more manually updating prospects and activities. With workflows, you can automatically assign those prospects to your staff — plus create activities for engagement.

And those are just our favorites! There’s more:

  • Pledge maintenance
  • Assign “personas” for targeting & segmentation
  • Email reports to one or more system users
  • Add account notes automatically
  • Add individuals to volunteer groups & projects
  • Email date-based reminders

When can I use it?

Workflows will be released to all NeonCRM clients in a few weeks. All accounts will receive one workflow to start, and you can opt in to get more.

In the meantime, feel free to contact your Client Success Manager or Nonprofit Sales Consultant if you have any questions.

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  • Toudjidoum

    You knew as me this search engines optimization has been too much hard for me because of the acquiring a number of tools has been a sacrifice work that is going on its way..
    You underlined in tihs article about workflow of which the components are sneak peak which crowned the term designing which will be able to give me ease and the saving of my time is the important thing in this technical research.
    Therefore I truly thank you and go on acheiving this important opportunity for my company and me.

  • Marcella

    Great feature! Will additional workflows cost extra?

    • Andrew Dain

      Great question, Marcella! There will be a small fee to use workflows, based on the number of records in your system and the number of workflows you need. You can check out the full pricing info on the workflows feature page.

  • John Lindenmayer

    “All accounts will receive one workflow to start, and you can opt in to get more.” Does this mean this is an add-on service? Sounds awesome, but hope it’s a base-level feature.

  • D

    Really excited about this new development! Thank you Neon dev team 🙂

  • Sandy Ellingson

    Will custom fields be included in the selection criteria for workflows?

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