Donation Tracking

Robust donor management in a lean package.

Spreadsheets can get messy. NeonRaise can be your donation tracking hub.

Do more than collecting donations.

Online fundraising is so much more than just receiving gifts. Track progress, improve and adjust. NeonRaise takes it to the next step by becoming your donor database and management software.


Donor management at your fingertips.

Each donation creates a record and is listed and viewable for your management. Here are some of the things you can do with your donation records:

  • View a table with all donations displaying data such as amount, name, date, and status
  • Search donations by criteria such as last name, form, and donation date range
  • Click individual donation details pages for more information
  • Track disputed transactions and either concede or fight it
  • View refunds history and enact partial or full refunds


Manage your various campaigns through your forms list.

All donations are associated with donation forms which you can also track the status and manage to coordinate multiple campaigns. Here are some of the things you can manage in regards to forms:

  • View inactive forms with the total revenue each generated and donation volume
  • Copy forms to make as many versions of a form as you like
  • Adjust settings such as toggling active/inactive status, editing the form, and viewing or sharing the form
  • View a line chart displaying cumulative revenue for the form
  • View a pie chart displaying one-time vs. recurring revenue proportions


Get access to a wide range of illuminating reports.

Your campaigns will build databases and we can help you tap into that so you can continue to grow and improve. The reports you can pull from include: