Streamlined but responsible

Donation Receipting & Donor Portal

through auto-emails and donor accounts.

Just because we made it easy doesn’t mean we skimped on good stewardship.

Keep your donors in the loop with automated messaging and a donor portal.

NeonRaise’s automated messaging and donor portal creates simple, streamlined ways for you to maintain good stewardship over their contributions.


Streamline the donation process with automated communications.

Receipting and other communications related to the donations process is essential and may make or break opportunities for future donations. Neon automatically sends out branded messages to donors including:

  • Donation acknowledgement
  • Donation tax receipt
  • Recurring donation acknowledgement or failure
  • Refund notification

NeonRaise also keeps you notified with emails such as:

  • Donation notification
  • Recurring donation failure
  • Payout or Dispute notifications
  • Bank Account updates
  • Verification notifications


Donors can stay engaged with an auto-generated account.

Donors don’t need to sign-in to make a donation but that doesn’t mean they can’t track their activity. Once a donor makes a donation, an account unique to their email address is created. Through this they can access the donor portal and view: