Donation Forms

that have everything your nonprofit needs.

NeonRaise helps you build extraordinarily easy and surprisingly powerful online forms.

Everything a nonprofit needs in a nice, easy-to-use platform.

We know nonprofits; we know fundraising. NeonRaise was built for nonprofits from the roots up and it was made to boost your mission.


Free yourself from boring, complicated donation forms.

Easily set up a great-looking donation form with NeonRaise. Here’s some of the things you can do to your own donation page:

  • Give your form a great eye-catching name
  • Set a start and end date to your campaign
  • Set a goal that your donors and members can work towards and gauge progress
  • Include an evocative image and an inspiring summary to convince potential donors
  • Configure form themes, colors and text alignment to your liking


NeonRaise donation forms have all the fundamental options nonprofits need.

NeonRaise was made for nonprofits. We know your needs are different and commercial payment pages just don’t cut it. Here are some things you can configure:

As well as default donation levelsin-honor/memory option, and anonymous donation option.


Keep growing with NeonRaise.

NeonRaise also makes it super easy to run several campaigns or build different forms for different audiences.

Donors never have to log-in so they can come back with no hassle

View all the various donation pages you’ve made where you can activate and deactivate forms and monitor the status of each