Mission Control Dashboards and Widgets in NeonCRM

Louis Oh

At Neon, we are committed to continuously improving our products and services. We know it can make a difference for organizations working hard to improve and support their communities.

The dashboard in NeonCRM has gotten a major upgrade and will now be known as Neon Mission Control. Users can choose between over 40 different ways to configure widgets, including the standard widgets you are used to seeing on your to-do list, as well as brand new charts, reports, and data widgets immediately available when you sign into your Neon system.

Another great aspect of Neon Mission Control is that users can customize and personalize their own dashboard as they see fit, even within the same organization. Save for an Admin Message, there are no required widgets and you can view as many as you can fit on the page. You can make quick key assessments as soon as you open Neon using the power of your data. Nearly all of the widgets were made to be actionable and verifiable.

What’s great about this new upgrade is that you and your organization will now have easier access to dynamic and digestible information that’s relevant to you and your staff members. You’ll have your finger on the pulse of the organization with this new dashboard.

There are six key types of widgets you can access. We looked at all of the different types of data that are tracked in Neon and came up with the very best ways to analyze and display each one. Here is a summary of some of the majorfeatures.

[Some screenshots featured in this post are using sample data may be adjusted in appearance in successive updates.]

Fundraising Key Performance Indicator

This widget has got the Neon team the most excited. The Fundraising KPIs are 14 statistics that are important in assessing the health of your organization and how well it is doing at fundraising. These 14 indicators were identified in a collaborative study conducted by the Fundraising Effectiveness Project.

There are many benchmark stats in the KPIs widget, including: donor retention rates, donor attrition rates, as well as growth and acquisition rates.

Fundraising Key Performance Indicators KPI

The prospect forecast is an interesting graph that represents total prospects in terms of revenue and color codes them according to stages of prospecting. Potentially, those not yet started in the prospecting process could be in red, those in progress in yellow, and those that are closed in green. It’s a great way to keep track of overall or individual solicitation progress.

Prospect Forecast Widget

Data Grid Widget

Data grids are, simply put, data tables and are especially useful for comparing ongoing metrics.
You can compare historical and current campaigns, social fundraisers, and other data types against each other, as well as view event, email campaign, membership level statistics and more.

Data Grid Widgets


In addition to the Prospect Forecast bar, there are 3 additional types of configurable charts you can use to graphically illustrate your data.

Bar Graph Widget

Bar charts can be an easy way to visualize and compare various categories or stages. Some bar charts include donor retention, upgrades/downgrades, campaign revenue or progress, and memberships.

Bar Chart Widget

Line Chart Widget

Line charts are used to track statistical change over time such as average donation amount, average retention or attrition rates, donor volume and cumulative amount/count.

Line Chart Widgets

Pie Chart Widget

Pie charts can make comparing two categories register instantly. You can create charts to view things like online vs. offline donations, memberships, and event registrations or view the proportions of recurring or one-time donations.

Pie Chart Widgets


And, as mentioned above, you will still have access to same standard tools you had in the original dashboard. But now, standard features such as the calendar, mail merge status, and favorite accounts are in widget form.

Standard Widgets

These widgets generally lean more towards fundraising insights but we will continue to release more that also shed light on membership, events, or volunteers for organizations like associations.

We’ve been eager to materialize easily accessible ways for you to make the most of your data and understand your organization. We think this is a big leap forward in that direction and hope that it helps nonprofits like you do more good.

Some graphics by Freepik, found here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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  • Zach

    Awesome job, Neon team! Making data more accessible is a win for the sector. Woohoo!

  • Leslee Altrock

    I am thankful to see you are updating the main page. I would like more widgets for membership but this is a good step forward. Thank you for continuing to update your software. These kinds of updates will make me want to stay with you!

  • Pam Metzger

    That looks very exciting indeed. Definitely looking forward to seeing how it operates. (However, I think this makes it even more important for our organization especially for a way to segregate our affiliate organizations’ data from ours in the Mother Ship. All those lovely “metrics” might not tell our story so succinctly.)

  • Judy Pate

    Looking forward to seeing the new upgrade. It will be nice to have some widgets to show a snap shot of our data without having to create a report and download the info into Excel. Thanks.

  • Deanna

    I can’t figure out how to add details to the calendar (i.e. grant due dates, out of office, etc). Thanks!

  • Toudjidoum

    New dashboard and widgets are performant tools which will enable me to view all things in relate with fundraising.
    And so I truly thank you for everything you to do for our organization. I would ask you to further support us. May God give you long life.

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