Giving back.
Where it matters.

As a nonprofit technology company, we have the privilege of working with nonprofit organizations every day. We’re proud to partner with thousands of amazing causes, furthering the mission of nonprofits making a real difference. Together, we make good happen.

With 85% of our staff coming from a nonprofit background, we know first-hand that technology doesn’t solve every problem for nonprofits. That’s why we created Neon Cares — to further support our community of nonprofits and help them make an (even greater) impact.

We do this in three ways: direct service, in-kind donations, and impact partnerships.

Direct Service

Through Neon Cares, we host frequent staff volunteer events to give back to a local, Chicago-area nonprofit organization. While we get to work with nonprofits every day through their technology, direct service is a great way to support our community even further.

This quarter, our staff is volunteering at Friends of the Forest Preserve, a nonprofit in Chicago that’s committed to restoring and advocating for Chicago’s forest preserve district — the largest in the country. Click here to learn more about their mission and consider donating to help their cause!

Neon also offers employees individual volunteering opportunities. All staff are encouraged to take one day off per month to volunteer with one of our very own nonprofit clients. And through Neon Cares, we’ve developed a resource library of nonprofits in need of volunteers that employees can use to help them choose a cause they’d like to support.

In-Kind Donations

As a nonprofit technology provider, we understand that the right solutions can make a huge impact on the day-to-day operations — and overall impact — of a nonprofit.

That’s why every Neon employee is encouraged to donate one of our database systems to a nonprofit they’d like to support. Because many of us come from a nonprofit background, it often goes to an organization they’ve worked with in the past and know first-hand the difference a donation for their technology needs will make.

Over the years, Neon has donated our database services to dozens of nonprofits. We’re proud to ensure that those organizations will always have access to the best nonprofit technology tools to help them further their mission — at absolutely no cost to them.

Impact Partnerships

At Neon, we believe the future of fundraising and nonprofit technology is already here. We’re helping to shape that future every day, along with the thousands of nonprofits we serve. And we’re proud to partner with organizations and initiatives that share that vision.

Through our contribution to reports like the Fundraising Effectiveness Project and Giving USA, we’re contributing data to the world’s largest fundraising data sets — which are analyzed to help nonprofits everywhere make smarter fundraising decisions, raise more money, and ultimately make a greater impact.

We support and partner with several organizations that seek to empower nonprofits through technology and education, like our client: The Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training. We’re proud to sponsor and support initiatives like this that are developing the next generation of nonprofit leaders and shaping the future of the sector.