Move over Blackbaud-osaurus, Make Room for the New CRM in Town

Jeff Gordy

Z2 Systems, Inc. has been building and improving our NeonCRM platform for nonprofit and membership based organizations since 2004.  When we started, we frequently came across Kintera, Convio, eTapestry, GetActive, Campagne, and Blackbaud.  These former competitors are now all owned by Blackbaud (BLKB), and we have seen very limited improvements (if any) since each one was purchased.  The dinosaur just keeps eating up all the products with promise.

As we have seen in the past, when one large company continues to buy up the competition- the quality, support, and ingenuity behind the products tends to suffer.  The products start to age before their time and lose much of their natural evolutionary potential.  There is now a lack of affordable quality solutions in the market and NeonCRM is rising as the perfect solution to fill this gap.

As a private company we have the advantage of answering only to our customers and minority shareholders who have a passion for what we do.  Blackbaud has run the market for a very long time, and we are very proud to offer a trusted alternative that organizations of EVERY size can afford.   A recent article in INC. magazine mentioned Z2 Systems and reinforced our dedication to not letting profits overshadow our mission. 

NeonCRM has been evolving by hundreds of new features every year, and our platform will continue to grow as a powerhouse that provides organizations with a unique set of web based tools to help raise money and better serve their constituents.  We know a product (or species) must always evolve, and adapt to changing times in order to avoid extinction.  NeonCRM is happily used by organizations that had previously used many Blackbaud products including eTapestry, Common Ground, Get Active, Sphere, NetCommunity, Gift Maker Pro, Raiser’s Edge, and others.  NeonCRM is a powerful and proven alternative.

Z2 Systems’ goal is to provide the best CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) platform on the market that is specifically built for the needs of nonprofit, fundraising, and membership based organizations.  We have many plans for the future, including releasing an “Open API” at the end of 2012.

The ideas of a few bright and talented people have now led to a profitable company with over 20 staff members and 30-40% annual growth.  We have helped our thousands of users raise hundreds of Millions of dollars online, and Billions offline.  Employee by employee and feature by feature we are making the world a better place.  We welcome all conversations about our growth, our passion, and ways we can work together to further technology in the nonprofit, fundraising, and membership markets.

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