Mobile Fundraising App

Neon’s mobile fundraising app puts productivity right in the palm of your hand — so you can engage donors and accept donations on the go.

Raise more and stay productive on the go with Neon’s mobile fundraising app.

Accept and process mobile donations on the go, with NeonCRM's mobile fundraising app!

Trying to enter donations on the go? Or out in the field meeting with supporters? The NeonCRM mobile app was created to help you stay connected to your most important data — no matter where you are.

How can a mobile fundraising app help you?

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Imagine: you’re at a fundraising event, or meeting donors out in the field. They want to make a donation, but only have a few dollars cash on them and don’t have their checkbook.

Luckily, Neon’s mobile fundraising app has a credit card scanner built-in — so you can accept donations, right from your own phone.

Secure and convenient for your donors, our mobile fundraising app will help you raise more and stay productive from anywhere.

The dashboard for NeonCRM's mobile fundraising app.
 Engage donors on the go

Review activities

 Enter donations from anywhere

Take your donors with you — wherever you go.

Stay connected to your most important supporters with the NeonCRM mobile app.

 Stay in touch
Access all constituent information and easily engage donors directly from your mobile device.

  Review account details
Brush up on past donations and other supporter details while you’re on the go.

Add new contacts
Create new organization or individual accounts from the Neon mobile app.

Accounts Listing on NeonCRM mobile fundraising app

Enter donations in real time.

Accept donations directly from your mobile device with our card-scanning tools.

Add new donations
Create new donations on the spot, and tie it to existing constituent accounts in your database.

Credit card scanner
Scan and process cards securely using your phone’s built-in camera. Accepting donations on the go has never been easier!

Attribute to campaigns
Attach a new donations from your phone to existing campaigns and funds in Neon.

Scan credit cards securely through your phone's built-in camera on the NeonCRM mobile fundraising app.

Review your upcoming activities.

Neon’s mobile fundraising app includes activities, so you can keep your prospecting and donor relationships top-of-mind.

See your activities
Stay on top of your to-do list with a full listing of your upcoming activities, including related accounts and activity status.

Track your progress
View activity details and edit items like status and priority — so you can keep track of what’s been done.

Create new activities
Add new activities while you’re on the go, including activity details and associated accounts.

Review and create activities on the NeonCRM mobile app.

Maximize your fundraising today.

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