Introducing NeonCRM’s CRA Receipts

Katie Sharp

We’re constantly improving NeonCRM, so when we heard about the difficulties that Canadian organizations have when issuing tax receipts, we got to work. Introducing: NeonCRM’s CRA Receipts.

The Problem

As many Canadian nonprofits will know, when a donor gives to a registered charity, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires the nonprofit to issue a charitable contribution receipt to the donor and to keep a record of the receipt internally. For many organizations using NeonCRM, this process has historically been highly manual and time consuming.

In fact, most nonprofit software systems aren’t designed to accommodate the particular needs of Canadian organizations, notably around tax receipting. Many organizations have to resort to manual mail merges and storage of physical receipts in order to adhere to CRA rules.

NeonCRM’s Solution

This was a big problem for Canadian nonprofits. Fortunately, with our new NeonCRM CRA Receipts module, Canadian organizations can now create donation receipts that comply with CRA rules. The CRA Receipts module, launched late September, allows Canadian nonprofits to streamline the creation of tax receipts and store receipts digitally, avoiding manual work and physical receipt storage.

So what is the CRA Receipts module exactly?

The CRA Receipts module issues CRA compliant receipts and stores them in your NeonCRM database. From a queue built into the CRA Receipts module, nonprofits can now choose to issue receipts for any transaction entered in NeonCRM. Issued receipts will then follow a standard template that includes all the information required by the CRA for proper tax receipting. After a transaction has been receipted, the receipt record is stored in NeonCRM as an unalterable record, meeting the CRA requirements for the storage of digital receipts.

How does it work?

First, a NeonCRM user enters a transaction (donation, membership, event registration, or store purchase) into the NeonCRM system via the admin portal. The CRM user can then set the advantage amount and advantage description for the transaction. They can also set default advantage amounts by donation campaign, membership term, event, and store product for transactions that come in through online forms.

In the CRA Receipts module, all new transactions are added to an Awaiting Review queue, where NeonCRM users can choose to issue receipts or skip receipting for transactions. Once a receipt has been issued, a system email and letter is sent to the constituent with a copy of the CRA-compliant receipt.

If a transaction needs to be corrected, NeonCRM users can void previously issued receipts and re-send a new receipt to the constituent with an updated receipt ID number, according to the CRA guidelines.

Moving Forward

Built specifically for NeonCRM’s Canadian clients, the CRA Receipts feature is only available for our Canadian nonprofits. We at NeonCRM are excited for you to start using this new feature. We hope it makes it easier for you to keep making good happen.

For an up-to-date listing of improvements, please see the Release Notes section in the Support Center.

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