Neon Ranked on the Inc. 5000 for the Third Consecutive Year

Jeff Gordy

Another great year for Z2 Systems and NeonCRM! We have been honored by Inc. magazine and listed on the Inc. 5000 for the third time as one of the 5000 fastest-growing companies in the United States. Our ranking has increased each year along with our growth rate and this year we were listed at #1810. Only one in five companies are ever listed three times on the Inc. 5000 and we could not be more proud. 

The secret to our success? Loving what we do, continuing to evolve, and always thinking of new ways to help nonprofits. As the CEO and an owner, I am truly passionate about helping nonprofits and could not imagine doing anything else.

Using customer, staff, and consultant feedback, we are always adding new capabilities to the ever-expanding Neon product line. This year is an exciting time for us. Some highlights include:

  • We rolled out Neon One, which brings together a network of nonprofit consultants towards building an ecosystem of resources and provides customized Neon solutions through custom objects/Zapier/API to suit any nonprofit’s data needs
  • Neon Web Studio has been a great way to support nonprofits with industry-changing WordPress integration and one-of-a-kind website security and services
  • In September, we will release Neon Raise, a streamlined online fundraising platform that will make giving and receiving donations easier than ever — with no monthly fees!
  • We will be unveiling a powerful new dashboard feature to our flagship product, NeonCRM, which will provide unmatched access to a robust array of insight into their constituents

We could not be happier with the path our company is on as we continue to focus on helping nonprofit organizations succeed. My co-owner Lei and I knew when we started the company in 2004 that if the nonprofits we worked with were successful, our company would be as well. Z2 Systems was started with the help of our friends and family, and by keeping that ownership we have been able to really focus on what is truly important to us: Making Good Happen.

Waking up and reading the news lately, we could not be more happy with the path we chose and what we do as a company. We sleep well at night knowing that our company has a rule around not working with any organizations that are hurtful or harmful to other individuals (or groups of people). We have turned down a number of organizations over our 13-year history that we could not stand behind, and sometimes this has involved some interesting discussions. The more good we all can put out into the world, the more good that will come back to us all.

It’s been a great year so far. Here are a few notable metrics:

  • Giving (online and offline donations) is up 52% year-over-year so far
  • Our clients have raised nearly $600 million in donations over the last year
  • Online donations have also continued to grow from 9% of total donations in Q1 of 2016 to 14% in Q1 in 2017
  • We posted 213% revenue growth rate from 2014 to 2016
  • We’re the 11th fastest growing private software company in Chicago and among the top 150 in the United States on the most competitive Inc.5000 to date

We will close up 2017 helping more than 3,000 nonprofit organizations and over 30,000 nonprofit professionals with many varied missions. Our main goals are to help them raise more money, automate processes, and promote their missions. We have the extreme pleasure of working with almost 100 team members on our Neon products, and have a fun office in Chicago we invite everyone to visit.

Staff photograph by Joseph Toschlog.

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