How Neon Nonprofits Do Giving Tuesday: Giving Back

Ronnie Gomez

Most people see Giving Tuesday as an opportunity to raise more toward their year-end goal. But, with some extra TLC, it can also be an even better opportunity to let your donors know you care.

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving that has generated around 2.5 million in total gifts from donors around the world. A well thought out Giving Tuesday campaign can attract a lot of new donors to your cause. That’s why it’s important to plan out both your fundraising and donor appreciation strategy with the same amount of care.

Over the years, Neon nonprofits have come up with some excellent Giving Tuesday campaign ideas, and they’ve seen great results. To celebrate their past successes, we’re highlighting some of our favorite Giving Tuesday celebrations from members of the Neon community. Today, we’re featuring Joy Ranch.

How Joy Ranch Does Giving Tuesday

Joy Ranch, a Christian youth home located in Woodlawn, Virginia, has a pretty unique approach to their Giving Tuesday. They use it as an opportunity to enhance their donor stewardship plan.

“The first year we got involved, we set up a tent outside of Walmart and gave out hot cocoa,” said Mandy Nester, who serves as the Media and Communications Specialist at Joy Ranch. “I know Giving Tuesday is usually used for fundraising but I also feel like it’s a great time to give back to the community and express our thanks for everything they’ve done for us.”

Their donor appreciation doesn’t just end at hot cocoa, either. The Joy Ranch team also writes 30 handwritten letters to their top donors, thanking them for their participation with the organization. Little touches like these are what keeps donors coming back to an organization.

After signing with Neon is 2017, Joy Ranch brought their Giving Tuesday celebration online, where they accepted donations to help fund the various projects needed to maintain and update the ranch.

“We have an Inspire website, so we were able to change our homepage into a donation landing page for the whole day,” said Nester. “The Neon team made it really easy to do. They were so helpful.”

This year,  Joy Ranch will be combining both approaches. On Giving Tuesday, they plan on changing their homepage to a donation landing page, while also inviting people from their community to tour their campus.


“We’re encouraging people to take a tour of our ranch,” said Nester. “We’ll be giving out free hot chocolate and prizes. We’re very excited about it.”

“It’s funny. When we started doing Giving Tuesday, we expected to tell people about our mission and what we do for kids. We ended up meeting so many people who already knew our organization or had volunteered with us in the past. A lot of people were excited to see us.”

Advice for Other Nonprofits

Digital resources have been extremely helpful for the Joy Ranch team. They’ve used planning toolkits from the Giving Tuesday website, along with their NeonCRM to build buzz around their celebrations.

“There are so many things you can do through Neon and social media,” said Nester. “The best advice I can give is to get creative with it. And to always remember to thank your donors.”

We are so impressed by Joy Ranch and their unique Giving Tuesday strategy.

Learn more about all the NeonCRM features they used in their Giving Tuesday campaign in our 15-minute video demo. It will show you how your organization can use Neon to raise more money, save more time and build more capacity.

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    Thank you so much for featuring Joy Ranch!

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