Grant Tracking & Management

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Grant tracking that helps you find funding.

Manage grants and apply, solicit, and report on your organization’s funding opportunities.

Neon's grant management features help you keep track of open funding opportunities.
 Stay on top of deadlines
Create grant opportunities in your software, tracking key information, status, and deadlines.

Track results and funding
Use campaigns to track grant funding sources, and update opportunities to reflect your success.

Get insights with reporting
Leverage your data to pull reports about your grants, and learn how you can improve your results.

Manage grant details — all in one place

Never miss a deadline again! Store due dates and other key grant information in your database.

Here’s just some of the things you can track in Neon’s grant management tools:

  • Status (default or customized)
  • Client
  • Due date
  • Ask amount
  • Campaign
  • Purpose
  • Funded date
  • Funded amount
Create a grant opportunity, including custom and specific tracking fields.

You can even attach files to grant opportunities, so your team has everything they need to succeed!