#GivingTuesday Webinar: Designing a Donation Experience for Stewardship

Jeff Gordy

Couldn’t make it to our #GivingTuesday webinar? Here’s everything you missed:

Check out the video for a full recording of the webinar, including questions. You’ll find the presentation slides below, and we’ve written up a short summary for all you skimmers out there! The presentation covered three main areas — donation forms, donor stewardship, donor personas and action items.

Donation forms

  • 55% of people gave online in 2014 (up from 4% in 2002)
  • Branded donation forms raise 7x more than generic donation forms
  • If you can, create a dedicated donation form for #GivingTuesday, with relevant #GivingTuesday wording and branding
  • Ideally, you should have a customized donation form for each segment of donors
    • Ex: A donation form for previous donors might read: “Thanks for your previous support. We still need your help!”
  • But the most important thing is having a donation form up and ready! #GivingTuesday is about online donations, make sure your donation form is working so you don’t miss out.


  • Traditionally we think of donor engagement as a linear process, ending with stewardship. We need to think of it more as a constant cycle, with stewardship informing every step of the process (description at 15:45 in the video).
  • Continuing engagement is the key to successful stewardship. Don’t think of a donation confirmation as a receipt — think of it as the next step toward re-engaging your donors.
  • Developing a stewardship strategy starts with passion. Leverage you and your donor’s passion in your messaging to create the foundation for an engaging, lasting relationship.

Donor personas

  • Since #GivingTuesday is a growing movement, it can apply to a wide range of your org’s current and potential donors.
  • Consider creating one appeal for previous donors, letting them know how their continued support will help you achieve a specific goal.
  • And create a separate appeal for disengaged donors. As the momentum behind #GivingTuesday grows larger, it may be the perfect time to reignite a lapsed donor’s interest in your organization.
  • Watch the recording at 19:05 to learn more about creating customized messaging for separate donor personas.

Action items

  • In just one week, your organization can:
    • Create a #GivingTuesday donation page
    • Encourage social giving
    • Reach out to invested donors for buy in
    • Develop a simple stewardship plan
  • For next year, your organization can:
    • Identify a matching donor
    • Develop a multi-media plan
    • Create a detailed retention plan
    • Build upon this year’s success

For more detail, watch the webinar recording or check out the presentation slides below.

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