How Neon Nonprofits Do Giving Tuesday: Creating Excitement

Ronnie Gomez

Donors want to feel like they’re a part of something big. That’s why creating some buzz around your Giving Tuesday campaign can generate big results.

Giving Tuesday was created in 2012, as a way to kick off the year-end giving season. What began as a small movement inspired by giving back has become a worldwide phenomenon, with organizations participating from more than 40 countries around the world.  

Over the years, Neon nonprofits have come up with some excellent Giving Tuesday campaign ideas, and they’ve seen great results. To celebrate their past successes, we’re highlighting some of our favorite Giving Tuesday celebrations from members of the Neon community. Today, we’re featuring Lawrence Humane Society.

How Lawrence Humane Society Does Giving Tuesday

Lawrence Humane Society, an animal shelter located in Lawrence, Kansas, has been participating in Giving Tuesday since 2015. Each year, the response has been bigger and better.

“The first year we did it, we were just dipping our toes in the water,” said Meghan Scheibe, who currently serves as the Interim Executive Director of Lawrence Humane. “Even without a big strategy in place, we still raised around $2,500, which we thought was pretty great.”

In 2016, Scheibe and the rest of her team took what they had learned from their first campaign, and built out a strategy around it — this time, with some extra help.

“That first year, we were using a different donation system, and it was really challenging because their online donation forms weren’t as flexible as we needed them to be,” said Scheibe. “We switched to Neon in 2016, and it allowed for a lot of growth.”

We were able to create a specific campaign around the event and we got to use the campaign thermometer widget. People were able to watch along as we progressed, and I think it got more people excited to donate.”

The excitement paid off. Lawrence Humane received a match donor, who volunteered to match all donations up to $7,500. After meeting this goal early, a stretch goal of $10,000 in matched donations was approved. By the end of the event, Lawrence Humane had raised $24,000.

A Screenshot of the Lawrence Humane Instragram Account

“It was a great opportunity to get support, but it was also great for raising awareness,” said Scheibe. “After everything wrapped up, we took thank you pictures with some of the animals that lived in the shelter. We shared them on social media to thank our donors, so that way we could also showcase some of the animals still available for adoption.”

Advice for Other Nonprofits

Scheibe’s top advice for getting into Giving Tuesday? Understand how it can fold into your long-term goals, and don’t expect an overnight success.

“I think a lot people hear about how well some campaigns perform, and expect an instant success,” said Scheibe. “Giving Tuesday is still relatively new, so it may not take off as fast as you think. You really have to put in work to see results.”

According to Scheibe, Lawrence Humane saw improved results when they made an entire day of it. They created a day-long communication strategy, complete with website updates, social media posts and a few emails.

“That’s what really excites donors,” said Scheibe. “It makes them want to give.”

We are so pleased to hear about all of Lawrence Humane Society’s Giving Tuesday successes.

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