4 Unique Campaign Ideas to Inspire Giving Gift Cards

Sam Zietz

As part of our launch of Neon One, we’re proud to announce our next official Neon Certified Partner – GiftCard.Gives, by TouchSuite This handy tool converts the underlooked resource of gift cards into actual donations for your nonprofit. Today we’re hearing from them on how to activate this creative revenue source.

The gift card industry is roughly a $44 billion market place. Unfortunately, over a billion dollars in gift cards go unused every year. Fortunately, however, the nonprofit space can benefit from this with a new solution: Fundraising through gift cards creating an additional donation revenue stream.

Whether you are raising money for research, or you’re a local charity that needs cash for a smaller goal, using gift cards to raise the money you need has now become a possibility. GiftCard.gives is a service that works well to provide all non-profit organizations another way to gain donations.

Now that we know about this innovative option how do we spread the word to our donor base? Below you’ll find the answer to this question with ideas on four powerful campaign tactics that educate and inspire your benefactors.

The Four Powerful Campaign Tactics

1. Direct Mail

Add a personal touch and address your customers by name with Direct Mail. If you’re targeting an audience based on their interest in your organization, they will be more inclined to read your latest news, possible events and ways to help reach your donation goals. As the name suggests, it’s the only media channel that physically allows you to place your message directly into your customers’ hands. According to a study commissioned by the Canada Post, many people like receiving direct mail marketing. 74% always or sometimes notice advertising in direct mail, 51% prefer companies to use a combination of mail and email when communicating with them, and 70% are curious to find out what’s in their mailbox.

2. Social Media Posts

We live in a digital world, and in this digital world, people are more inclined to acquire their information through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social Media is one of best ways to engage with your network, spread the word about your announcement, and encourage your community to spread the word. In a 2015 Social Media Benchmark report, for non-profits, social media is growing three times faster than email.

It is imperative to your audience that you create posts associated with this announcement – promotional videos, appropriate hashtags, and vivid photography that will get your followers excited about a new means for you to accept their donation. Make sure each of your social channels includes a clear path to the online donation page, so your audience can fund your organization as easily as possible.

Be mindful of practicing proper etiquette and say thank you to your contributors and supporters for donating, or for reposting your announcement. Most importantly, never make your followers feel you are trying to solicit them for cash with no mention of the larger goal.

3. Email Marketing

If you have an established email list, this is a perfect way to send the message fast. Targeted email marketing is a highly effective way to reach your customers and drive sales. It is especially successful when partnered with a Direct Mail tactic as noted above. According to a report by consulting firm McKinsey, email marketing is nearly 40 times more efficient for acquiring customers than Twitter and Facebook combined. Your subject line should entice people to open the email to learn more. They’re often the reason whether someone opens your email or deletes it. Consider your subject lines in some creative ways, but generally speaking, simple, direct, and actionable is the way to go.

Another thing to keep in mind – timing is everything. The day of the week and the time of day you send your email can have a significant impact on these numbers, so it’s worth pouring over your data to spot trends. But if you’re sending your first marketing email, common sense will get you most of the way there. Think about when you’re most likely to open and read your email. Typically, most people go through email in the morning, around 7 to 9 a.m. Weekdays are also better — specifically Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

4. Signature Block

To go along with your emails, a simple yet effective technique to get the announcement heard is by adding a link to your signature block. Your current and potential benefactors will be reminded of the news every time they read your email because they will see it attached to your signature panel.

In this age when we’re all inundated with too many emails, your email signature is a clear signal to your recipient that the message is from you, which adds higher credibility, and enriches their understanding of your message. Beyond this most basic benefit, your email signature is a business card or ad that alerts the recipient to exclusive news, enabling them to have direct access to your website or send an email back to you with the click of the attached link.

By spreading the word to the community that you have begun accepting this new form of donation, following these various campaign efforts, you will be providing the public with the means to contribute with hundreds of large retail-brand gift cards.


We understand the challenge many non-profit organizations face to reach their funding goals and are proud to have created the basis for an opportunity that can positively impact how a non-profit organization accrues donations through our integrated software with NeonCRM. With this integration, we hope you’ll realize the added way to raise the money they need, and be nothing short of successful.

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