Giftworks: Another Fundraising Software Company Sells Out

Jeff Gordy

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As president of Z2 Systems, Inc., I was very sad to see that our respected competitor Mission Research (the makers of GiftWorks) had been sold to FrontStream Payments in August of 2013 (read the full story here).  GiftWorks was one of the most easy-to-use installed systems on the market, and our team even recommended their solution to customers looking for a basic fundraising system that was not cloud-based.  We respected that Mission Research remained privately held over the years and focused on the nonprofit market, like ourselves, without the demands and pressure from stockholders interested only in profitability and return.  I have seen many of our competitors purchased throughout our ten-year history, and the outcome has never been good.  Generally service and support suffer, prices increase, and the products tend to be abandoned and show little improvement after the sale.

After FrontStream Payments purchased GiftWorks, they promptly dropped a bomb on their newly acquired customer base and told them that in just a few weeks they would be disabling many older versions of GiftWorks.  This plan to disable older versions has now been extended until March 31st after customers expressed their dissatisfaction.  In my mind, this is a slap in the face of nonprofits and FrontStream Payments should be ashamed.  Large corporations and investment firms continue to buy up nonprofit software companies and squeeze every last penny out of their nonprofit client base to focus on their shareholders’ interests.

Having built Z2 Systems, Inc. from the ground up to help nonprofit organizations, this kind of behavior is something that our company is strongly against.  Many of the same investment firms and competitors that have been in the news recently continue to reach out to Z2 Systems, Inc. with purchase proposals on a monthly basis, and are promptly turned down.  Z2 Systems, Inc. is dedicated to staying privately held and helping nonprofit organizations everywhere further their missions in making our world a better place.  Our goal is to provide the best service on the market at the lowest, most reasonable price possible.

In that spirit, Z2 Systems, Inc. would like to assist organizations affected by the FrontStream Payments acquisition by crediting GiftWorks users with $594 toward the purchase of the All-in-One package of NeonCRM, or $294 towards the Standard package.  Our intention is to help nonprofits move to a true web-based fundraising solution and provide them with more tools to raise money while streamlining their processes.   GiftWorks users can call our sales team at (888) 860-6366 option 1, or sign up for a demonstration on our website.

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