The Fundraising Analytic Clinic: How to Turn Fundraising Pains Into Profit

Ben Miller

We’re proud to welcome DonorTrends officially to the NeonOne Certified Software ecosystem! This fantastic analytics platform syncs directly with NeonCRM to give actionable data that will help inform segmentation, appeals, and major donor cultivation. We also love working with them on the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, the largest database of individual donor data in the world. We’re hearing from Ben Miller today, who will be introducing us to the ways to keep your data fit.

Fundraising pains are widespread. You feel them every day. Tougher to acquire new donors and more challenging than ever to retain them. And costs keep going up. Yet, you’re expected to raise more with less, year after year.

If only there was a “fundraising doctor” who could help diagnose and treat these pains. What would they see and prescribe for your file?

Welcome to the Analytic Clinic!

The mission of the Clinic is to put you directly in touch with solutions that are right there in your database. Solutions that when revealed will help you build a healthier, more efficient fundraising program.

What are your fundraising pains? Here are the top 10 pains felt by most fundraisers:

  1. Donor file is shrinking
  2. Need to build a mid-level program
  3. No reports I can understand and act on
  4. Growing the monthly donor program
  5. Acquisition is down
  6. Too reliant on major donors
  7. Lapsed donor reactivation
  8. Increase net revenue
  9. Stop mailing so much
  10. Getting the second gift


No technical data gobbledygook. No technical jargon. Just practical, fast-acting action recommendations — that’s what the Neon + DonorTrends Analytic Clinic delivers.

Even better, if you are a NeonCRM user, your organization has complimentary access. PLUS…your organizations will be assigned a “Data Doctor” — an experienced fundraising specialist who will show you exactly how to turn your data into actionable and practical fundraising strategies custom-designed to cure your biggest pains.

How the Clinic Works for You

We’ve designed the Clinic with dual-goal of maximizing donations while streamlining fundraising costs.

There is no guesswork involved. We do this by applying tested and proven scientific tools that accurately analyze and forecast the giving behavior of the donors in your database.

STEP #1: The Analytic Clinic’s suite of tools identifies your fundraising “pain points” — areas of opportunity and weakness.

STEP #2: Next we provide practical advice for making the most of the Step #1 analysis. Unlike health insurance, our reports are easy to read. More importantly they’re easy to understand and act on. After we assess the health of your fundraising program, we equip you with prescriptive analytics, allowing you to quickly and meaningfully improve on that performance.

STEP #3: Prescription from the Neon/DonorTrends Fundraising Pharmacy.

We’ll provide you with the right prescription to tackle any fundraising ailment.

Pain Point: Low Donor Value

Prescription: Upgrading Donors and Major Donor Pipeline Development

Increasing donor value is like football — slowly moving the players [donors] down the fundraising field to hopefully cross the major donor goal line. Organizations should develop a pipeline that is defined at every dollar range. From $25 all the way up to $25,000+. Identifying who is likely to move from $25 to $50 is just as important as identifying those ready to move from $500 to $1,000. Constantly moving donors down the field will help keep your major donor portfolio full of reliable prospects.

With a properly identified pipeline that begins with annual fund donors, you’ll have a roadmap to ensure you are constantly developing major donors for the future.

Pain Point: Low Donor Engagement

Prescription: Optimize Your Communications

Analyzing a donor’s behavior can tell you a lot about when a donor wants to hear from you and how often. Identifying those donors who are most likely to respond allows you to improve retention while saving unnecessary time and expense engaging donors who are not interested in hearing from you. From donors that give once a year to those giving every other year, it is important to identify these patterns among your donors. Knowing when to send that next communication is key to building lasting relationships.

Pain Point: Declining Donor File and/or Declining Income

Prescription: Audit and Action Plan

As Neon CEO Jeff Gordy outlined in his post about how important it is to track your fundraising fitness, the first step is to take your pulse. DonorTrends has put together a diagnostic tool to help you understand your organization’s health in minutes. The Audit is a comprehensive donor file review of key performance indicators, year-over-year comparisons, and benchmarks against your peers in the same sector.

Your customized Masterfile Audit and Action Plan (MAAP) provides you with a clear strategy to maximize net revenue in a dramatic way — by increasing income and decreasing costs. The graphic and narrative MAAP report you’ll receive (and which even your boss can understand) includes:

  • An Action Plan tailored to your organization
  • Predicted file growth/decline, allowing you to set your acquisition and reactivation targets for the upcoming year
  • Steps you can take to stop donor file decline and meet this year’s goals
  • The DonorDashboard™ to give you real time updates that continually enable you to make adjustments throughout the year

As a valued partner of Neon, we are extending no-risk, free access to the Analytic Clinic to all Neon customers. Take advantage of Clinic access FREE for 14 days and see for yourself how your fundraising pain can be relieved. Unlock the true power you’re the real power of your donor file today. Together, we will turn your data into donations!

Get started with a free trial of DonorTrend's Analytic Clinic.

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