Campaign and Fund Tracking

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Organize and track your donations according to context through campaigns and funds.

Use the campaign and fund functions to organize your donations and run concurrent efforts efficiently.

Campaign List
Organize donations of various sources and purposes
Categorize your donations or event payments through campaigns which can be configured in tiered structures.

Group several campaigns together into a greater Fund.
Use Funds to track aggregate progress across several campaigns

Campaign thermometers for signaling progress.
Use the thermometer widget as a visual and evocative way of promoting your fundraising campaign.

Track campaign and fund progress — all in one place

Now you can see, in greater detail, how your donors, event attendees, volunteers, and members are engaging with you.

Here’s just some of the things you can track in Neon’s campaign and fund management tools:

  • Name & Code
  • Goal
  • Start & End Date
  • Mark as Default
  • Web Template
  • Parent Campaign
  • Primary Solicitation, Fund & Purpose
  • Donation Level
  • Status
  • Support Social Fundraising