Our Experience: What We Learned Interning at Neon This Summer

Neon is proud to be collaborating with Family Matters — a Chicago-based nonprofit that offers a safe space to neighborhood residents and families seeking to promote positive change in the North of Howard neighborhood in Chicago.

What was a typical day like interning at Neon?

A typical day here at Neon was a learning experience because we shadowed every department here at the company — including account management, tech support, marketing, and more!

Here are some of the things we learned and worked on during our internship:

  • We learned that Neon’s software is sold to nonprofit organizations.
  • We worked in a Neon trial to see how nonprofits can make online forms.
  • We created a page of a website with our favorite nonprofit organization.
  • We learned how to communicate with others more effectively and learned to be more patient with things in life.
  • We also learned how to speak a little more fluently and gained confidence.
  • We learned that nonprofits use Neon’s features to raise more for their mission.

What was the hardest part?

It was interesting to see how some clients could get frustrated, and how consultants and support worked with them to solve their problem.

What was the best part?

We were surprised that our co-workers were cooperative and nice! Our favorite part was helping out the account management department with some of their data entry.

What was the office like?

We thought the office was friendly and you can tell that everyone here is passionate about their work. It was also very spacious — there’s even a fish tank! (Our favorite fish was the blue one that looked like Dory.)

We also liked the snacks, especially the graham crackers and granola bars.

What’s next for both of you?

The next step after our internship will be mainly school, working, and sports. What we learned at Neon will help us better our communication and tech skills.

Our advice to incoming interns is to be confident with all your answers and stay focused on the task. Also, try to find other things to do when you’re done with the completed task — but feel free to take short breaks if you need to.

Thanks to everyone at Neon for having us!

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