Document Storage & Management

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Manage & store documents in your CRM.

Upload and store documents in Neon — then easily share them with your supporters.

Upload, store, and manage important documents in Neon's document center.
Upload and manage documents
Store critical documents in your database for safe keeping — and add or remove whenever.

Public uploading
Let your supporters and constituents upload documents, which you can review and store in Neon.

Easy sharing
Documents stored in Neon can be easily shared for download, through links, and via emails.

Secure and easy document storage.

Keep your some of your organization’s most critical documents totally secure inside your database.

You — or your supporters — can upload, store, and manage several different types of documents. Then you can easily share them with different groups (for example: board members, a certain level of members, etc.) and make updates or remove them at any time.