Custom Survey Builder

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Customizable surveys or forms for gathering feedback and insight.

Easily create custom surveys to better understand your donors, members, or volunteers.

Survey Builder
Custom Survey
Use “Neon Fields” to link directly to NeonCRM accounts
You can set standard fields and account custom fields to feed information to accounts on your system.

Use “Toolbox Fields” for information specific to a certain survey.
Customize various surveys to your specific needs and create forms easily with drag-and-drop survey building.

Various adjustable properties for numerous types of fields.
Configure properties such as label, token name, requirements, sizes, options and limits.

Track campaign and fund progress — all in one place

Now you can see, in greater detail, how your donors, event attendees, volunteers, and members are engaging with you.

Surveys and other custom forms are easy to create with a drag-and-drop interface and various configurable field options. Once you’ve created your form here are some additional things you can do:

  • Share the link to the survey in emails or social media
  • Set form completion acknowledgment emails
  • View and export entries as spreadsheets
  • Create accounts for members, event participants, or volunteer registrants
  • Quickly create copies of successful surveys or forms
  • Take the code snippet to embed the form on your website.