Custom CRM Objects & Modules

Personalize engagement with customized data structures, built to track and manage any kind of organizational data.

Custom objects are additional custom data tables you can add to your NeonCRM database yourself or with our team’s help. 

We know every nonprofit is different, and creating personalized experiences for your supporters is key to increasing revenue. We created custom objects to give you more power over your data and give you the tools to build deeper relationships.

We’re also saying no to data silos. It’s important that all of your data lives in one place, and custom objects gives you the flexibility to make NeonCRM your home for all types of data — including anything from animal adoptions to scheduled appointments to alumni tracking.

All your data, in one place

Build custom objects and modules to store unique data in NeonCRM

Use NeonCRM's custom object builder to create your own customized data structures that can track any kind of data.
 Personalize your CRM for deep engagement
Build custom objects with a user-friendly interface that guides you step-by-step.

  No more data silos
Custom objects are fully integrated and can interact and be reported with other CRM data.

Our experts are here to help 
Our Neon consultants can build and implement a solution tailor-made for your organization.

Leverage open API for deep customization
Custom Objects work with NeonCRM’s API, opening a world of possibilities.

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