Verification Email for new System Users

We’ve streamlined the process for adding new NeonCRM system users to enhance security and save time.

System Administrators will no longer have to choose a login and password when creating new system users. Instead, simply enter a name and email address — Neon will automatically send a verification email, prompting the new system user to set up their own login and password.

Here’s a sample verification email that new system users will receive:

System users will now also receive a similar verification email to confirm any future password changes. This will enhance account security and give users warning if their account may have been compromised.

We’re confident that this new process will help save you time and keep your data secure. For more information about adding system users, check out our guide on the new process.

Improved System Email & Letter Defaults page

We’ve updated the System Email & Letter Defaults page to make it easier to customize communications with your supporters. As with all of our upcoming interface improvements, the new page follows User Experience design best practices — part of a larger initiative to make all areas of Neon even easier to use.

The new page also includes additional settings to configure the “Pay Later” emails and letters.

Here’s a preview of the new interface:

And here’s what the old page looked like:

For more information about configuring System Emails and Letters Defaults, check out our guide.


quickbooks integration neoncrm

June 2016: QuickBooks Integration Improvements

Happy (fiscal) new year! As many of us wrap up the fiscal year, the Neon team has been working on improvements to our QuickBooks connection. We’ve made several updates to make sure your accounting and fiscal reporting goes as smoothly as possible — so you can easily tie up any financial loose ends as we wrap up the fiscal year.

Here are some of the updates that you’ll see in your system on Saturday, June 25:

  • QuickBooks integration improvements
  • Favorite accounts
  • Duplicate Manager enhancements


mobile donations update

NeonCRM iPhone App: Now Accepting Mobile Donations

Processing mobile donations? There’s an app for that.

We’ve recently updated the NeonCRM iPhone app to include a powerful new feature — mobile payment processing. Yes, your nonprofit will now be able to enter donations directly from your NeonCRM iPhone app, while you’re on the go! Unlike other nonprofit mobile payment systems, NeonCRM’s mobile donations are made securely via a credit card scan using your phone’s camera — there’s no external hardware required.

mobile donation gif (more…)

social fundraising teams

April 2016: Social Fundraising Teams

This is our second release this month, and it’s a big one. As we approach spring and dive into the nonprofit event season, we wanted to focus making improvements to Neon that will help you promote, manage and follow-up on events more efficiently.

Here are the updates that you’ll see in your system on Saturday, April 30:

  • Social fundraising teams
  • Improved transaction fraud protection
  • Batch donation totals
  • Membership directory search enhancements
  • Auto-prompt pledge entry
  • Expanded event attendee fields
  • Added contact options for system emails


group ticketing

April 2016: Group Ticketing (finally!)

It’s finally happening — Neon is adding functionality for group ticketing! We’ve also made updates to event registration forms, sequential emails and more that you’ll love.

Here are the updates that were released on Saturday, April 4:

  • Event ticket enhancements
  • System customization options
  • Increased control over sequential emails
  • Added information and criteria to accounts reports


March 2016: New Accounts Interface

The Neon product development team has been hard at work this month, and we’re finally ready to release one of our biggest updates yet: a full redesign of our accounts pages.

The new interface is more user-friendly and customizable, and we’re confident that every client will love the new look.

Here are the updates you can expect to see in your system on Saturday, March 5:

  • Updated accounts interface
  • Customize Hide/Show Fields
  • Auto-search
  • New sticky notes
  • Security update


social media sharing

January 2016: Social Media Sharing and System Letter Updates

It’s been a busy month for us at Neon — we moved into a new office and we’re releasing our second product update this month! But we know that you all have been just as busy, wrapping up loose ends from 2015 and following up on your year-end campaigns. That’s why these new features will help you streamline your work and get your organization off to an efficient start in 2016.

Here are some of the updates you’ll see on Saturday, January 30:

  • Streamlined configuration of system letters
  • Social media share buttons after donations/events
  • Customizable recurring donation intervals


January 2016: Mobile App Improvements and Custom Membership Directories

You know what they say: new year, new NeonCRM updates! We’ve been working on some major improvements to help make sure your organization gets off to a great start in 2016.

This release includes significant updates to the NeonCRM iPhone app. If you haven’t checked out the app already, you can download it in the App Store. It’s a great way to engage with constituents, manage accounts, see donations in real time, and review activities — all while you’re on the go. The app connects with the native functionality of iOS, so you can directly call, email or get a map to someone based on their contact information.

Here are some of the updates you’ll see on Saturday, January 9:

  • Manage activities in mobile app
  • New embeddable campaign progress widget
  • More customizable membership directories


December 2015: Bulk Data Operations & More Executive Reports

‘Tis the giving season, and we’re celebrating by giving you one of our biggest updates of the year. This month’s update is full of new features and improvements that will help you follow up from your year-end appeal effectively, including bulk editing capabilities and powerful analytics.

Here are some of the updates you’ll see on Saturday, December 12:

  • Bulk data operations
  • New executive report: “Effectiveness over Time”
  • Separate system email for organization accounts
  • New API functionality: Enhanced event capabilities
  • Improved report results page