Technical Support

The seamless flow and usability of your NeonCRM system is absolutely vital and our support team will work around the clock to ensure your database is working for you, not against you.  We offer a wide variety of support options for your organization that can fit any size and budget necessary.

No matter what, our support team provides online services that are answered promptly and accurately.  We have built-in support that will engage your technical issues within 24 hours during regular business hours and can provide premium support as needed.  If your organization needs a more personal touch, our staff can ensure you’ll have access to us online, on live chat, and on the phone.  We will be there for you.

Online Support

Our free online support system provides a robust library of step by step guides and videos on how NeonCRM can work for your organization.  Beyond these engaging guides is our support team, who will answer your most pertinent questions in a timely and efficient manner. Our email ticketing system will engage your technical questions by an actual person within 24 hours, responding with answers that have been crafted for your needs.  We will give you assistance with our modules or engage your direct needs with our development team.

Live Chat Support

Sometimes your organization needs an answer right away, and we can assist with our premium live chat support function, giving you direct access to our highly trained staff.  Our staff can answer your technical questions right away, providing clarification to how the NeonCRM can work for your organization or engaging our adaptable development team.

Phone Support

Need a friendly voice to engage your most immediate technical needs?  With our premium support option, our team is there for you, providing you with the answers you need.  Our company is proud of the direct access we provide our clients, and you won’t be sitting on hold for an hour to get answers to your questions.  With premium phone support, solve your organization’s needs right away.