NeonCRM Membership Features

Custom Terms

Manage as many custom membership/subscription terms as you like. Monthly, Quarterly, Annual, Multi-year, and Lifetime memberships are available along with auto-renewal.

Rolling & Calendar Memberships

NeonCRM allows for a variety of membership term settings including a traditional calendar year start date or membership dates based on the date of transaction.

Organizational, Individual, Household

Set up organizational memberships, individual memberships, group memberships and household memberships. Limit the number of individuals that can join under a group membership.

Advanced Membership Fee Management

Maintain separate Join and Renew fees for every type of membership and admin override for on-the-fly adjustment to fees.

Subscription/Membership End Date Adjustment

Automatically adjust the expiration date of a membership or subscription to the end of the month. This is ideal for magazine subscriptions and giving members extra time to renew.

Online Membership Management

Branded Pages

All online forms and pages will mimic the look and feel of the organization website and can easily be incorporated via simple hyperlinking. Both Join and Renew forms are available.

Online Directories

Manage public and/or private online member directories. Add filters to search the directories based on standard database fields or any custom database field.

Constituent Login Portal

NeonCRM allows for restricted member page access, profile updating, membership renewal, easy event registration, and membership directories.

Member-only content

Provide member-restricted page access to constituents based on any field in the database. Select which member groups are allowed access or allow to all member groups to have access, restricting other constituent types from accessing.


Provide member-only discounts for events and online store purchases. Give discounts to all of your members, or select specific member groups.

Member Status Message

Indicate your members’ current membership status whenever they are logged into the NeonCRM constituent login portal. This clearly shows everyone where they stand with their membership.

Advanced Membership Features

Additional Membership Amount

Members can leave an additional membership amount or donation along with their membership purchase.

Membership Grace Period

Set up a grace period allowing members to renew their membership within a certain period.

Complimentary Membership

Encourage donors and offer recognition by placing donors into membership tiers by adding up the totals of their membership and donation giving. Example: A “Silver” member donates $200 which moves them up to the “Gold” membership designation.

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