Email Communication Features

Mass Email Communications

NeonCRM has a built-in, sophisticated email system that allows organizations to build, send, and track mass email campaigns to your constituency.

Email Audience Management

Build sophisticated queries on any field in the system, including custom database fields, to build an unlimited number of dynamic email audiences. These can be used internally in conjunction with the NeonCRM email communications or exported for upload to any external, 3rd-party Email Service Provider (e.g. MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Vertical Response, Constant Contact)

Custom Templates

Take advantage of NeonCRM’s multiple template builders or upload your own html design to send through the NeonCRM servers.

Automatic System Emails

Set up emails to automatically send after constituents interact with your organization. The database can handle a number of system emails such as donation appreciation emails, membership welcome emails, event registration and reminder emails, store purchases, and more.

Mailing List Signup

Provide a form connected to your organization’s website for constituents to join email lists, newsletters, etc.

MailChimp Integration

NeonCRM offers integration with MailChimp that allows for sending email audience lists into MailChimp for email campaigns. MailChimp campaign statistics are pulled back into the NeonCRM for a two-way integration between the systems.

Secure Automatic Authentication

Eliminate duplicates and increase access by allowing your constituents to automatically append new transactions to their existing donor/member record without having to log in. A unique url in the email verifies them by the email address connected to their NeonCRM record within the CRM database.

Advanced Tracking and Statistics

Email Tracking

See records of every email sent on each constituent’s record. See if they are opening emails, clicking through, or if the email has bounced.

Campaign Statistics

Track the results of your email campaigns in the Communication module to see the success of every campaign from an overview perspective.

BCC External Email Tracking

Whether on your iPhone, in Gmail, or Outlook, track email conversations from outside NeonCRM by simply bcc’ing your NeonCRM system with a unique email address that will track the conversation back to the constituent record in NeonCRM.

Email Automation

Conditional System Emails

Set up conditional logic to send emails that more specifically address the action that was taken by the constituent. These may be in response to “donations above $500”, or “in-kind donations”, or “transactions to a specific campaign.”

Sequential System Emails

Send a pre-determined series of emails to constituents based on a trigger/action. For example, this works extremely well for sending new members a series of welcome emails with different content to provide a consistent, timely welcome message.

Print letters, too!

Mail Merge

Create print mailings from constituent data or push reports out via Excel/CSV to use in external mail merges with 3rd party mail merge programs or to send to a mailing house. Integration with Microsoft Word also enables customers to merge contacts and data with pre-built templates built in MS Word.

Merge Queue

Automatically add constituents to lists for mail merges based on actions performed by staff entry or by constituents via the connected webforms.

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