NeonCRM Online Store Features

Constituent Tracking

All purchases are linked directly to the constituent’s record to further enhance the 360-degree view of a constituent’s impact on the organization.

Custom Layouts

Adjust the look and feel of the store header, number of columns, number of products per page, and more.

Digital Downloads

Sell downloadable files as a product. This area can also be used for document/file downloading that your organization wants to track. Any person downloading even free documents/files will have to “register” to receive the file so your organization can engage them again and again.

Email Shipping Notification

Once orders have been processed, organizations can send a notification containing a message and shipping tracking information.


Put certain products on sale and allow Members to receive special discounts.

Product Management

Inventory Tracking

Automatically track on-hand product inventory.

Product Thumbnail and Descriptions

Each product has its own direct web URL with product descriptions and multiple images.


Categorize products into catalogs that can be easily reached from any page in the online store.

Offline/Online Product Display Option

Organizations with onsite product sales can elect to list products online, offline, or both.

Order Management Queue

Manage and process orders that have been placed via the NeonCRM order management queue.

Product Keywords

Create your own product keywords to improve searches for your documents or products within the store search function.

Taxes, Shipping, and Handling are included.

Shipping Options

Use flat-rate shipping, or enable the calculated shipping rates at no additional cost. NeonCRM connects to the United States Postal Service API for accurate shipping costs.

Tax & Handling Fees

Manage the extra fees specific to your needs.

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