NeonCRM Core Features


Manage all of your constituent/member/donor data in one place. NeonCRM is an industry-leading system with true 360-degree constituent tracking.

Fully Cloud-based

Access your NeonCRM system from anywhere using cloud technology. NeonCRM requires no software to be installed on your computer and is updated at no cost.

Industry-Leading Security & Uptime

NeonCRM is hosted with Rackspace, the global leader in uptime and security. Many Fortune 100 companies choose Rackspace for online hosting and storage due to their 100% SLA uptime policy and industry-leading security.

PCI Compliant Payment Processing

NeonCRM can securely process real-time, online credit card and eCheck payments through your website and/or by staff within the database. NeonCRM works with BluePay, IATS,, ACH Direct, and PayPal Pro. NeonCRM is fully PCI compliant and works closely with every merchant account to ensure the integrity of NeonCRM’s security is never compromised.

Manage Staff Users

Unlimited Staff/Administrator Users

NeonCRM allows an unlimited number of staff and administrator user accounts with access to the database. There are no “per seat” license fees.

10 Concurrent Staff Users

Up to 10 staff users can access NeonCRM at the same time. Additional concurrent users can be added.


Control which staff users can “view”, “edit”, or “delete” many different types of functionality and transactions in the NeonCRM.

Action Log

Easily view history of all the database activities by staff for the last 90 days.

Track Constituent Data


NeonCRM has one of the most sophisticated relational CRMs on the market. Link individual and organizational accounts with customizable two-way relationships.

Easy Account Search

Easily search for any individual or organizational account from any page by entering an account number, partial spelling of a name, organization, or contact within an organization.

Smart Householding

Keep track of residence, addresses, household salutation, plus an aggregate household view of combined household contributions, event activity, membership, etc.

Unlimited Address & Shipping Address Tracking

Easily track any number of addresses under any account including temporary one-time addresses or auto-switch seasonal addresses to ensure effective, timely communication.

Custom Fields

Add unlimited custom database fields to fit any organization data needs. Any custom database field becomes instantly available in the NeonCRM within reports and email audience queries. NeonCRM users also have the option to allow these custom database fields to display on website forms. This allows organizations to more effectively understand their constituency as they come to their organization via their website.

Source Tracking

Track the source(s) with which any account or action came to your organization. Create new sources on the fly.

Prospecting / Solicitations

Easily track potential donors, members or VIP attendees with moves management and connect activities, notes, and reminders to the account. Assign, alert, and notify crucial staff members of important tasks and duties to be performed.

“No-Solicitation” Options

Easily remove people from all communications or specifically from email communications.

Pictures & Logos

Add pictures and logos to all of the accounts in the NeonCRM database. These can be uploaded by staff or the end users.

Data Migration and Hygiene

Professional Engineer Import

NeonCRM engineers can provide a quote for more complex data conversions to suit the custom needs of any organization’s data structure. NeonCRM has experience converting clients from nearly every system on the market.

Self-Import Utility

Load more basic constituent data into the system with a powerful Self-Import tool at no charge. Organizations can easily upload simple account, donation, event, and membership data at no charge in the beginning or as an ongoing process if necessary. Save your import mapping to later append data to existing accounts.

Duplicate Checking

Keep your data clean with advanced duplicate checking tools on individual accounts or a system wide duplicate scanning capability. Easily merge existing accounts to consolidate any duplicate records.


Google Maps Integration

Click on the mapping link next to any address and see it in Google Maps.

USPS Integration

Easily search and pull back the zip code +4 for any account in the database. This helps to better target constituents in reports and saves money on mailings.

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