Consultation & Training for Current Clients: 5 Signs You Might Need It

Jeff Gordy

Consultation and training for current NeonCRM clients? I know what you’re thinking:

Why would I work with NeonCRM’s ProServices team as a current client?

Aren’t training and consulting services just for onboarding?

What could they teach me if I already use the system?

You’re right — most NeonCRM clients do take advantage of our Training & Consulting services when they’re first getting started with their database. But we also offer many training sessions, feature/campaign consultations, and data services designed specifically for current clients.

Our Professional Services team helps cut through the time you might spend trying to figure it all out on your own. Our team knows how all the pieces and features of NeonCRM work together, and can explain the pros and cons of using the system in a particular way — so you’ll be able to focus less on making NeonCRM work for you, and more on using the system to further your mission.

Plus, clients that go through consultation and training (as a new or current client) say that they’re able to get more out of their database, and are on average more satisfied with NeonCRM.

You can think of consultation and training as an investment — one that helps you do more with NeonCRM and accomplish your organizational goals.

Who are NeonCRM’s Consultants?

As experts in nonprofits and technology, NeonCRM’s consultants are the perfect resource to help you solve organizational challenges with technology.

Before joining the team at NeonCRM, almost all of our consultants worked as staff or volunteers at nonprofit organizations — so they know the challenges you’re up against in your day-to-day work.

Our team also has experience working with and pulling data from most nonprofit software systems. Whether you’ve recently switched to NeonCRM or are just more familiar with another platform, our team can help you make your database work in the way you need it to.

What Services are Available for Current Clients?

We’re proud to offer a wide range of consulting and training services for current clients, all tailored to the specific needs of each organization.

Our services are highly customizable depending on your needs, but there are some common situations or scenarios that come up often — and you may be experiencing them too! Here’s how we have worked with clients on these issues/questions before…and how we might approach a solution for you.

Need help with a specific feature?

  • Consultation. If you have questions/problems with one specific feature or area of NeonCRM, a consultant can give you a step-by-step walkthrough of the feature and make sure you’re all set up for success. It’s also a great option if you’re looking to launch a specific campaign with a NeonCRM feature that you haven’t used before (e.g. events). Request consultation here.
  • Support Center. For more basic questions and functionality issues, check out our guides and ticket-based support.

Don’t have time to learn NeonCRM?

  • On-Demand Training. Get access to a one-on-one screenshare with a consultant whenever you need help with NeonCRM. Sessions are scheduled within 24 hours of request, but you’ll usually get help the same day — so you can get answers and keep working as soon as possible. Sign up for on-demand training.
  • Consultation. Make the most of your limited time by letting our team make a game plan for you. They’ll listen to your needs, then make a personalized strategy to get you started as fast as possible — so you can save time and get to work quickly. Sign up for consultation.

I’m new to my organization and have never used NeonCRM. How should I get started?

  • System Evaluation. Let our team take a look at what’s in your database to determine action items, next steps, and a personalized strategy for getting you started. This is especially helpful for new executive directors and organizations with high turnover. Sign up for a system evaluation.
  • On-Demand Training. You’re going to need some handholding and extra support while you get up and running. Request On-Demand Training to ensure you’ll have access to one-on-one consulting and support whenever you need it. Sign up for On-Demand Training.
  • Consultation. If you need a more strategic approach to using NeonCRM, schedule consulting time with our team. They’ll help you determine how your organization can use NeonCRM more effectively, and you’ll get a better sense of how your database fits into your goals. Sign up for consultation.

I waited too long for an event/campaign/other, and I need help ASAP. What should I do?

  • Consultation. If you need a campaign launched yesterday, our team can walk through set up with you and create an action plan — so you can launch your campaign faster, while ensuring everything will work seamlessly. Sign up for consultation.
  • Data Services. If your campaign involves any list-building, reporting, or communications you might want to consider our data services. Our team will take that tedious data entry, bulk edits, or more complicated data projects off your hand. Whether you have a specific goal (e.g. segmentation for year-end appeals) or just want to tidy your data, we can help. Sign up for data services.

NeonCRM doesn’t do everything I want it to?

  • Integrations. Our partner network of industry-leading software providers is a resource that lets you easily extend the functionality of your database. All integrations go through a certification process to ensure a seamless, quality integration. See partner directory.
  • Custom Objects & Custom Programming. For a solution that’s more customized to your needs, consider working with our team on a customized project. NeonCRM was built with custom objects, which lets you create new modules & data tables to track the unique data specific to your organization. Learn more about customization in NeonCRM.
  • Websites. Sometimes NeonCRM’s online features need a little tweaking to work exactly the way you need them to. Our Web Studio team has done custom website work to extend the functionality of Neon’s web features (e.g. custom forms, filtered directories and listings, etc.). Learn more about Neon Web Studio.

We know that your success with NeonCRM is critical to the success of your organization. If you ever need help with NeonCRM and you’re not sure where to start, please reach out to us via the Support Center. Whatever your question, we’ll make sure you get the help you need.

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