Rethinking Your Spring Appeal

Kyle Curry

Spring can be one of the most successful fundraising seasons, for organizations that get a little creative. During my time at Foundations of Music, we aligned our fundraising appeal with a campaign to get a new copy machine, and funded our need almost immediately. Spring appeals don’t have to be strictly about services.

One of the most overlooked barriers in the nonprofit sector is technology. Often times, in order to provide the best possible services, organizations must first update their online presence.

To many in the sector, this may seem counter-intuitive: invest in infrastructure instead of development? However, the two are more deeply entwined than ever before. To maximize reach, nonprofits must have a solid web presence that clearly presents their services and offerings.

How can you do good work if nobody knows you exist? Even more importantly, a website you cobbled together 15 years ago isn’t going to cut it. As more and more people choose to explore the web through mobile devices and tablets, you have to make sure that your content is optimized for all possible platforms.

So, as you approach your spring appeal and think about the best call-to-action, maybe it’s time to consider improving the foundation of your nonprofit: the website.

Struggling with infrastructure costs in general? It’s hard to do your best work without the basics in place. Help donors understand how their contributions toward infrastructure can actually help you grow.

This Spring, one of NeonCRM’s clients, The Anthroposophical Society is taking their spring appeal in a new direction. The Anthroposophical Society is raising funds to help them build a website that  will allow them to expand their reach and improve their mission delivery.

The Mission

The Anthroposophical Society in America is a membership organization that supports the development, communication and practice of anthroposophy in the United States.

What Is Anthroposophy?

Anthroposophy is a discipline of research as well as a path of knowledge, service, personal growth and social engagement.  Introduced and developed by Rudolf Steiner, it is concerned with all aspects of human life, spirit and humanity’s future evolution and well-being.

The Spring Appeal

The Anthroposophical Society’s ongoing spring appeal helps people understand how a new website can help the organization improve: “access, visibility and function.”

Their appeal asks potential donors to consider exactly how a new, improved website will allow the society to further their mission.

Here is an example from The Anthroposophical Society of how to effectively craft an appeal that explains the importance of a new website:

“Consider the following:

  • A young mother in Colorado is inspired by the beauty in a Waldorf kindergarten. She wonders who Rudolf Steiner is and what he has to say about the education of young children.
  • A member of 10 years relocates from Kansas to the east coast. He wonders what events and opportunities are available in his new area, and where to connect with others who study anthroposophy.
  • A college student comes across Rudolf Steiner’s work in the course of her studies and is inspired. She wishes to dive deeper but where to start?

Where do they go to learn more? Today, they go right to their smartphone, tablet or laptop to search for websites and links to deepen their knowledge and connect with others. What they experience from the Society in that search is key.

As a Society, we stand in the world for what is deeply human, and we need to be in conversation with the world in a way that is accessible and welcoming.”

Want to get a better look at their spring appeal? You can visit the society’s site appeal page. Interested in donating today? You can do so on their donation page.

Ready to Rethink Your Appeal?

Don’t let the spring appeal status quo keep your organization from fundraising for infrastructure. Remember, investing in better technology can actually help your organization save time and money by streamlining processes.

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