How a Nonprofit CRM Can Save You 10 Hours Every Week

Kyle Curry

We could all use a few more hours every week, right?

And as someone who’s worked in nonprofits for more than a decade, I know that nonprofits are spread even thinner than most of us. A little bit of extra time for nonprofit staff can make a huge difference — both in your own productivity, and for the people you serve.

That’s why I was so excited to hear from our client Lawrence Humane Society, who were able to save 10 hours of staff time every week with Neon’s nonprofit CRM.

Here’s what they had to say:

Lawrence Humane Case Study: Neon's nonprofit CRM helped them save 10 hours per week in staff time

Wow — that’s a lot of extra time every week!

Before Neon, Lawrence Humane had one person who just handled data entry and acknowledgments. But with the help of Neon’s automated receipting and online donation forms, that person has saved enough time to help out with event logistics, marketing, and database admin.

So, what exactly is a nonprofit CRM?

Nonprofit CRM software is a platform that stands for “Constituent Relationship Management.” Basically, it’s a nonprofit database that can track all of your interactions and help you build relationships with donors, members, event attendees, volunteers, and other types of supporters — all in one place.

A nonprofit CRM database makes it easy to track and report on your supporters, especially because all your data is stored in the same place.

Lawrence Humane uses Neon’s nonprofit CRM to:

  • Send automated acknowledgments
  • Allow constituents to login to their accounts
  • Track direct mail campaigns
  • Send emails via MailChimp, and track results
  • Create and manage their online store
  • Mail merge for mailing campaigns

But the great thing about nonprofit CRMs are how flexible and customizable they are. We work with thousands of nonprofits, and they all use Neon in different ways. Click here to learn more about nonprofit software features.

How can a nonprofit CRM help me save time?

Here’s the exciting part! Just like Lawrence Humane, organizations use a nonprofit CRM system to save staff time through automation.

And just like Lawrence Humane, your org can save 10 hours a week with a nonprofit CRM system.

Here’s how it can help you save time:

  • Data flows into Neon automatically. All online transactions (donations, memberships, event registrations, etc.) automatically flow into your database, so you don’t have to do any data entry for those transactions.
  • Automated acknowledgments. For every transaction, Neon will send your supporters and automated (but customizable) receipt with all the IRS-approved information they need. This saves you time, so you can focus on thanking those supporters and building relationships.
  • Bulk editing and duplicate management. Even though a nonprofit CRM will help cut down on data entry, there are times when you’ll need to update data in your system. Neon makes it easy with bulk entry and editing, as well as easy duplicate management that keeps your data accurate.
  • Neon works with the platforms you love. With dozens of software integrations, Neon already works with the platforms you use — like QuickBooks, MailChimp, DonorSearch, and more. Your data from these platforms is automatically pulled into Neon, so you have everything you need in one place.

And you won’t just save time — you’ll make more money for your mission! Lawrence Humane was also able to increase donations by 25% in their first year, as well as a 350% increase in #GivingTuesday donations. Talk about efficiency!

How much time can I save?

Lawrence Humane was able to save 10 hours every week with their nonprofit CRM database. But how much time is that, really?

Let’s do the math!

How much time can you save with a nonprofit CRM? 10 hours per week adds up to 13 entire work weeks over the course of one year!

10 hours per week adds up to 520 hours every year — that means you can save 65 work days and 13 entire work weeks every year! 

Wow! How much could you get done if you had an extra 13 weeks every year?

Let’s break down what you could do with those hours every year:

You could make 2,080 thank you calls to donors!


You could write 260 blog posts!


You could plan 2 (or more) major events!


You could redesign your organization’s website!


You could finally try out that peer-to-peer campaign you’ve been thinking about!


But most importantly, you could focus on what really matters — your mission!



How have you used the time saved with your nonprofit CRM?

Let us know in the comments how your nonprofit CRM has helped you save time — and how you use that time.

Want to learn more about Lawrence Humane and how they use Neon? Check out the case study, then sign up for a free demo of NeonCRM.

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