Introducing Neon One: A Nonprofit Network to Help You Grow

Tim Sarrantonio

It’s time to revolutionize the way partnerships are done

In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out an exciting series of partnerships under the name Neon One. Our new partner program will go beyond shallow press releases and focus on what truly matters – building an ecosystem of resources for nonprofits to flourish.

Over the past few years, two distinct trends have happened in the nonprofit technology space that present organizations with an important dilemma — what will the future of nonprofit technology look like?

The first is the meddling by venture capital firms in the nonprofit software space. We saw this start to accelerate a few years ago and now we constantly hear about the issues that occur when venture capital gets involved in the nonprofit space.

We are proud to be privately-owned with no VC funding, growing over 50% year-over-year only through an organic model of serving nonprofits with their interests in mind.

The second is on the opposite end of things, where technology is stepping up to fill the needs of nonprofits in unique and exciting ways. Some of these are companies who are brand new, and some of these are companies finding a new way to offer innovative services to their clients.

With such a dizzying array of options though, how can a nonprofit trust what is the right thing to choose?

There are currently two options for nonprofits looking for software integrations with your nonprofit CRM:

  • Blackbaud: This is a closed system, and you are generally forced in practice to work with something that the company already owns. While in theory this ensures consistency between platforms, the reality is that Blackbaud’s products tend to have issues “speaking” to each other and also are not as cutting-edge as other company’s offerings.
  • Salesforce: This is an open system, and there are a large amount of integration options. However, it isn’t as simple as turning on and connecting the integration. There are a lot of factors that nonprofits do not take into account with the open system approach, which leads to data integrity issues and frustrations with actually using what is offered.

That is why a cornerstone of our new partner program called Neon One will be rock solid integrations with partners who truly understand and value the nonprofit industry and the work that nonprofit professionals do day in and day out.

Our team will provide oversight to ensure data consistency and cohesive planning between ourselves and partners while also allowing nonprofits to draw upon the best of the best when it comes to services like email, auctions, advocacy, wealth screening, and more.

Our process involves ensuring that each and every integration we have listed meets our standards for both user documentation as well as data integrity within NeonCRM. While we actively research and look for innovative technologies that will help nonprofits, we are also listening to our clients needs and what they want.

We recently surveyed our clients and received a lot of constructive feedback on what people are using to make their daily lives easier. Some of the functionality are things we’re actively building into NeonCRM, while other functionality requests have inspired our team to reach out to other companies to consider partnership opportunities.

The bottom line is: we’re listening to you. What matters most is ensuring that nonprofits are valued, respected, and listened to. Neon One will be a new way to approach partner programs in our industry, one that actually involves nonprofits, consultants, and software companies in creating our community.

We look forward to learning and growing with you.

Photo by Joseph Toschlog

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