5 Ways to Enhance a Donor’s Personal Journey with Video

Adam Wilbur

As part of our launch of Neon One, we’re proud to announce our next official Neon Certified Partner – CauseVid. This video stewardship platform, built specifically for nonprofits, delights donors through video personalization. Today we hear from CauseVid’s Adam Wilbur about how to engage donors with video.

Video is taking over the internet. Why? Because it’s an extremely effective way to communicate.


Not only is video content effective, it’s also never been easier to create. While corporations and large nonprofits often hire video production firms to create professionally-produced videos, the cameras on our ever-present smartphones have made it easy to capture real, sincere, and highly meaningful video content from anywhere at any time.

Personalizing a short, simple, and spur of the moment video to an individual donor or group of donors, makes for an incredibly memorable way to engage supporters. So how can your nonprofit use personalized video to enhance the digital donor journey?

1. Record a thank you video when someone gives a donation

Acknowledgement letters and tax receipts are standard, whereas handwritten notes, thank you calls, and face-to-face meetings are more personal and meaningful ways to thank your donors. With more and more donors giving online (online giving rose 12% in 2017), nonprofits need more personal ways to thank their online donors.

By recording and sending a personalized thank you video when a donor gives a gift, you can tell that donor how much you appreciate their support with a face-to-face video message. With such a unique thank you, your nonprofit is sure to stand out in donors’ memories.

2. Tell a story about how a donor’s support impacted those in need

Donor retention remains below 50%, and we know that the most effective way to retain a donor is to tell them a story about the impact their support has had. Donors tell us time and again that they want to know ‘where their money is going,’ but too often, we rely on impersonal newsletters and boring annual reports to tell these stories.

Instead of writing the stories, create several short videos that highlight the work your organization is doing. When you show donors that their gift is having the desired impact, 87% say they would give again, 64% say they would give more, and 74% say they would continue to give indefinitely.

3. Ask for gifts during a peer-to-peer campaign

People give to people, and people give more to people they know. Peer-to-peer campaigns have become a great way for nonprofits to solicit gifts and acquire new donors. Personalizing these asks can make your next peer-to-peer campaign more successful.

Have each of your fundraising volunteers record a video about why they care about your cause. Those videos can be displayed on a peer-to-peer fundraising page or various social media platforms.

Ready to take it a step further? Ask fundraising volunteers to record a series of short, one-to-one personalized videos focused on each peer they want to solicit.

4. Video invitations for an upcoming event

Use video to generate interest in your next fundraising event. This might include pictures and video content from previous events, reminding people of the great time they had. Or it could show them what they missed by not attending in the past.

In these videos, you could include a recording from the host of the event, from past event attendees, or from your staff/volunteers, all sharing how enjoyable the event will be. You could even embed these promotional videos on your event registration page, making it easy for someone to register right then and there.

5. Video newsletters, gratitude reports, annual reports, endowment reports and more…

How do you currently communicate with your supporters? Direct mail, email, social media, or in-person visits? Video can be a channel unto itself. Or you can integrate video into all of these channels to make your communications more multi channel and memorable.

Perhaps your next annual report could include a simple video from your executive director in which she talks about recent accomplishments and how donors helped make them possible. Or maybe in your next donor newsletter, replace a written article, spotlighting a member or donor, with a simple video recorded by that same person. Maybe you can even incorporate video fundraising into your nonprofit’s next Phone A Thon

The possibilities are truly endless, and we’re excited to see how you use video to engage donors. Plus, if you’re a NeonCRM client, you’ll receive a free 30 day trial of CauseVid. This is the perfect thing to ramp up your end of year giving emails or newsletters. Keep making good happen, nonprofit rockstar!

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