Empowering nonprofits
through technology

Hi! We’re a group of nonprofit nerds committed to furthering your impact through technology. We provide tools that help you grow your mission, inspire your audience and scale your organization for success.

Since 2004, Neon has helped thousands of organizations reach their full potential, raising millions of dollars for great causes along the way. We’re proud to be a privately-owned company, so we can focus on serving the great organizations we work with — not shareholders or profits. And with the best-rated tech support in the nonprofit sector, the people behind Neon is what really sets us apart from everyone else.

Your passion for change and vision for a better world inspire us every day. Let’s make a difference together.

“They have a team that understands the work that we do, the size of our organization, the ways that our events function, and is willing to work with us to meet our needs (instead of trying to cram us into their system), and that made all the difference.” — T.Kebo, Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project

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More than 90% of our staff come from a nonprofit background.

We’ve been there too, and we know what you’re up against. There’s nothing more rewarding than making a positive impact through your work, but we we are also intimately familiar with the unique challenges facing the nonprofit sector.

That’s why we’ve designed all of our services with nonprofits in mind. In fact, Neon was created when our co-founders Lei Zhang and Jeff Gordy met at the Kidney Cancer Association — a nonprofit organization in Chicago, where they worked at the time.

“It’s like the designers sat in my office, watched me work, and then designed a system that would not only take care of the many things I need when working with our donors, but also thought of a whole lot more!” — Sheri, Empower Tanzania, Inc.

Since then, we’ve been committed to delivering personalized services that make sense for every nonprofit. We know that each organization is different, but we’ll work with you to find a solution that works for your organization.