8 Easy Ways to Delight Your Members

Jeff Gordy

Recruiting members is one thing. Keeping them — and keeping them happy — is another. Prioritizing member retention will help you win over the support of your members and accomplish your goals more effectively.

But delighting your members isn’t rocket science. And if you’re willing to get creative, it won’t break the bank either. Make delighting your members a priority and make sure it fits into your budget with these quick, easy and cheap ways to make your members happy!

Write your members a note

Just like your mother (probably) told you, there’s no better way to show your appreciation than through a handwritten note. Taking the time to write out a personal message for your members can show them how truly important they are to your organization — and help them stay engaged.

And if you’re too busy to write it out yourself, there are even services that will fake it for you.

Give them a shoutout on social media

If your members are active on social media, give them a personalized shout out from your organization’s social account. This is especially effective if they’ve gone above and beyond or you can tell a compelling story about their involvement with the organization. It’s free, takes seconds, and they’ll be excited to share your post with their own social network.

Send a personal video

Set aside some time to record personal videos for your members. Take videos from your phone and send them out via email or social media to your members. And in this case, the more authentic the better — your videos don’t need to be edited or professionally shot.

Invite them to get involved

It’s true what they say: the more you put in, the more you get out. Inviting your members to step up to the plate and get involved with a task or event may not only make them feel more included, but more invested in your organization. Although disengaged members may benefit from some encouragement to get involved, be sure not to overwhelm any members who do not want to get more involved.

Ask for their help in recruiting members

Where is the best place to look for new members? Your current members! Reach out to members and ask if they know anyone who might be a good fit at your organization. Helping to grow your organization’s community can be a rewarding experience for members, so be sure to include them in as much of the recruitment process as possible (if they’re interested).

Check out these sample recruitment/retention plans for more ideas.

Send them a gift

Sending your members something small and thoughtful to celebrate a specific occasion (or to surprise them for no reason!) can go a long way. And gifts don’t have to be limited to the holiday season. Great occasions for gifts include member birthdays, membership anniversaries or member appreciation events throughout the year. For inspiration, start with these 101 ideas — but feel free to think outside the box!

Reward them with resources

If you want members to value their membership and involvement in your organization, you have to provide them with valuable content and/or opportunities. Whether you’re providing professional development, networking opportunities, new information, or a sense of community and giving back — make sure your members are getting something for being a part of your organization.

Ask them what they want

The easiest way to understand what will make your members happy? Ask them! They’ll feel special getting individualized attention from your organization, and you’ll get to use that information to further engage them down the road.

What other ways do you delight your members? Let us know in the comments below.


For more ways to improve your organization’s membership program check out our Guide to Membership Management Software.

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    All excellent suggestions for effective donor stewardship and retention.

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