5 Ways Workflows Can Automate Your Year-End Fundraising Campaign

Katie Sharp

Year-end fundraising season can be stressful. You’re rushing to get things out, wrapped up in time-consuming details, while trying to also focus on the day-to-day of your organization’s service delivery.

Workflows are an easy way to automate some of those year-end processes. NeonCRM’s Workflows feature allows you to create an automated sequence of events, so you can efficiently maintain data, engage donors, and streamline your own internal processes with just a few clicks of a button. This means you and your staff can focus more time on the good work your organization is doing, while continuing to drive a successful year-end campaign.

But how do you use workflows for your own year-end campaign?

Read on for the 5 ways workflows can make your work…well… flow.

Segment Year-End Appeals with Personas

Want to start building more personalized relationships, but not sure where to start? “Personas” are reliable and realistic representations of your key audience segments, and they allow you to create strategies that best engage each type of supporter.

While your organization’s key segments will differ depending on your needs, there are some basic segments you’ll probably want to differentiate between (i.e. donors vs. prospective donors).

In the example below, this workflow will assign a “prospective donor” persona to anyone who has not donated but has engaged with the organization in some meaningful way. A helpful tip: create an if/then branch to assign personas in one workflow.

Automatically Send Year-End Email Appeals & Updates

If you’re like most organizations, you’re probably going to make multiple asks during your year-end campaign. A workflow allows you to create an email appeal series that will engage donors over a specific time frame.

Creating an automated email appeal series with a workflow is a great way to cultivate a multi-channel fundraising campaign. 
Your supplemental emails will keep your organization top of mind throughout the busy year-end fundraising season, and will complement your more formal appeal letters in a thoughtful way.

Send Pledge or Event Reminders

When someone pledges to donate or registers for an event, they’re committing to invest in your mission. Sometimes, though, life gets in the way, and we need to nudge these supporters to remind them of their commitment.

But those reminders can take up a lot of your time — especially if you’re pulling registration lists manually or balancing a plethora of of pledges. This simple workflow can take care of that for you by automating reminders.

Create Additional Donation Follow Ups

Congrats, you’ve got a new supporter! Whether that new person is a long-time supporter or just donated for the first time, you want to give them a warm thank you from your organization, outside of the standard system emails.

Go ahead and create a workflow-based email campaign that sends them a personalized thank you. You’ll also have the option to send emails to new supporters telling them about your team, your origin story, and other opportunities that help them get involved with your organization.

Send Reports to System Users

Dashboards and reports make it easy to quickly gain insights about your nonprofit’s performance. To see the success of your campaigns and impact of your mission, run valuable reports after you wrap up each campaign or event.

You may even want to share these insights with key stakeholders, like your executive directors or board members, who may not using your CRM every day. You can create a workflow to automate an internal email to system users and easily share things like reports. This allows your key stakeholders to be quickly and easily involved in your campaign without manual effort on your part!

While every nonprofit and year-end campaign is different, we’re confident these simple workflows will help you get more done — and raise more this year!

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