5 Podcasts That All Nonprofit Professionals Need In Their Life

Tim Sarrantonio

A few years ago, my wife started talking a lot about podcasts. I was vaguely familiar with the term but didn’t really listen to them. Isn’t that just a radio show? I hated Prairie Home Companion so being able to listen to it whenever I want wasn’t something I found enticing.

Then she introduced me to Start Up, by the Gimlet Network. It opened my eyes to the power and reach and creativity that a podcast can be. Want to hear a podcast about food? Or a serialized drama? Or a podcast about podcasts? There’s something for everyone.

112 million Americans have listened to a podcast in the past year, which is 11% growth from the previous year. And 67 million people listen to podcasts each month, which is more than the number of Catholics in the United States.

(FYI – check out our spotlight on the Texas Catholic Conference)

So what about us nonprofit professionals? We’re going to point you in the right direction by providing the top five nonprofit podcasts we think you should lend your ear to.

The Good Journey by Nonprofit Supply Company

The Good Journey Pod is a podcast for social entrepreneurs, nonprofit professionals, and everyday philanthropists – you! – who are interested in doing good in today’s world. You’ll hear thought leaders, philanthropists, and innovators shaping the world of ‘good’ share stories from their journey to help you along yours.

Spotlight episode: Zach Shefska from Fundraising Report Card
One of the most exciting thought leaders in the industry today, Zach helped create The Fundraising Report Card, which is a free data analytics tool that helps nonprofits drill down into the real metrics that matter. Yet hearing him be honest and open about his mother’s battle with cancer and how that drives him is inspiring.

The Culture Chat by WorkXO

Culture is vitally important to understanding how your organization can best utilize its resources and no one knows that better than the folks at WorkXO. They’ve written about the importance of culture and nonprofit capacity building before, but hearing Maddie, Jamie, and Charlie interview professionals across different industries will really open your eyes on how to manage your own workplace culture.

Spotlight episode: How To Preserve Workplace Culture in Remote Teams
I’m obviously biased on this one, but being able to chat with Maddie and industry expert Rebecca Achurch was a pleasure. There a lot of great episodes that Maddie has put together but this is a good one to learn about Neon’s own workplace culture.

Successful Nonprofits by the Guldenburg Group, LLC

There’s a lot to frustrate nonprofits out there, so being able to hear about nonprofits who can inspire is important. Consistently engaging interviews on topics as diverse as surviving a cash flow crisis, donor engagement, and board member fundraising will give your organization motivation to get out and start raising more money.

Spotlight episode: Fundraising consultant Ellen Bristol
Bristol’s effective fundraising counsel is the result of 4 decades of experience and data from over 1,000 nonprofits that completed the Leaky Bucket Assessment. This innovative online assessment measures nine key practices that contribute to or detract from your fundraising efforts, which are summarized in her book “The Leaky Bucket: What’s wrong with your fundraising and how you can fix it”.

Nonprofit Leadership by Dr. Rob Harter

In this podcast, you will hear real stories from experienced leaders about what strategies and practices have made them successful. It is our hope that through this audio series, people can learn not only what it takes to be an effective nonprofit leader but to hear inspiring stories about people and organizations that are successfully making a positive impact in their communities.

Spotlight episode: Leadership and fundraising consultant Marc A. Pitman
The Fundraising Coach himself, Marc A. Pitman has been advising nonprofits with some of the most engaging insights out there. The author of “Ask Without Fear” and executive director of The Nonprofit Academy, this episode is a treat and showcases why Marc is one of the best professionals out there.

Rob Harter

Fundraising is Beautiful by Jeff Brooks and Steven Screen

Everything that Jeff Brooks and Steven Screen does is awesome and this podcast is no exception. The ability to cut through BS and straight to what is needed is a very needed resource for nonprofits. Take a listen, learn, and laugh.

Spotlight episode: Two super common errors that can kill your fundraising
There are two opposite impulses that almost all fundraisers fall prey to at some time or another. They are:

  • Educating donors
  • Abstraction

They are guaranteed response-crushers. And the temptation to do both are powerful.
With real-life examples, they’ll show you how to avoid both errors and keep your fundraising strong.

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