4 Mobile Apps Every Smart Fundraiser Should Be Using

Jeff Gordy

We know, you’re busy. Modern fundraising is a battle against time — fighting against the clock to connect with donors, raise as much as possible, and balance several tasks at once.

That’s why smart fundraisers use tech to make their lives easier. We’ve put together our list of must-have mobile apps that will make you more productive while you’re on the go — so you can win that race against the clock!

Google Drive

We’ll start with the (hopefully) obvious one. Drive is the best way to collaborate on shared documents with your team — and you can take it anywhere, on any device. You can even create live chats and comments inside of documents, while multiple people are editing. When you’re done working on it, documents can be downloaded as Microsoft Office files, PDFs, and other standard formats.

Drive is also a great way to share large files (videos, graphics, annual reports, etc.) that are too large to send as email attachments. Just upload the files to Drive and send invitations via email.

If you use Gmail, Drive is really a no-brainer, since it syncs up flawlessly with your email account. If you haven’t already, download the Drive mobile app for the full experience.


Are you one of those people that needs to write everything down to remember it? Me too. But you can stop carrying that pen and paper everywhere you go, because Evernote is a digital notebook that syncs across all your devices.

Take notes from any device, and pull them up in seconds while you’re on the go. Include photos, articles, and handwritten notes — then share those notes with anyone. And it’ll keep you organized, with to-do lists and file folders.

The greatest thing about Evernote is that it can be used for so many different things. Once you find out what works for you, you’ll love it.


Your CRM app

Just because you’re on the go, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to stay in the loop with donors, keep track of donations, and know what your upcoming activities are. Many CRM providers offer mobile versions of their software to ensure you can access your data, no matter where you are. If you’re shopping for a new donor database and anticipate that you’ll be managing your donor data on the go in any way (think: fundraising events), you should definitely make sure that this is a feature your vendor provides!

If your CRM is cloud-based, you’ll be able to access your database from anywhere. Updates made from your phone will be synced and updated for all other users. Although functionality between apps differs depending on the provider, most offer a stripped down version of their standard database.

The NeonCRM iPhone app offers users the ability to engage with constituents, manage accounts, see donations in real time, and review activities — all from your smartphone. The app connects with the native functionality of iOS, so you can directly call, email or get a map to someone based on their contact information.

If you’re interested in learning more about the NeonCRM app, check out our listing in the App Store.


Anyone who has worked at a nonprofit (or anywhere, really) probably knows email is not always the best way to communicate with your supporters. Open rates are low, and responses can take an eternity. That’s why many nonprofit communications experts think snail mail and phone calls are more effective.

Likewise, email isn’t always the best way to communicate with your staff. For any immediate requests, or events when your people may not be checking email, GroupMe is a great alternative.

GroupMe works as a texting app, and allows for group texts regardless of what kind of phone each user has. Users will get a notification whenever they receive a message, so you can send any quick, full-team updates that you want everyone to see. At the last org I worked with, we used it during events to coordinate between staffers, letting everyone know where and when help was needed.

Plus, it has some fun features — you can send memes, gifs and a whole library of fun emojis. Yay team bonding!

BONUS: Rapportive

Alright, so this technically isn’t an app — it’s a Gmail extension. But it’s too good not to mention!  Rapportive is a tool from LinkedIn that shows details about the people in your inbox. As you’re composing or responding to an email, you’ll see that person’s LinkedIn info, your mutual connections, their social profiles and a large photo. It will give you the tools to make your emails more personal and engaging, so you can keep building relationships with your supporters.

BONUS: Boomerang

This is another Gmail extension (but they do have an Android app). It’s hard for me to put into words how much I love Boomerang. The main thing it does is allow you to schedule an email to send later, after you’ve finished writing it. So when you’re working on those late night email responses, you don’t have to save as a draft and wait to send till morning. Just type in what day and time you’d like your email to send, and Boomerang will automatically send it for you. Amazing, right? It does some other cool things, like sending follow-up reminders and “disappearing” emails from your inbox for a certain amount of time, until you’re ready to respond to them. Perfect for someone who isn’t organized but wants to look like they are!

While we’re huge fans of these apps, we know there are lots of great tools out there that we didn’t cover. What are your favorites, and which of these have you found most useful?

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